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PASS Summit brings together an unmatched roster of top SQL Server experts and speakers to present in-depth technical sessions, workshops, and hands-on labs. Not only will you hear renowned SQL Server community stars, Microsoft experts, and Microsoft executive keynotes, you could also be introduced to our future leaders as PASS Summit encourages and supports new presenters from our community.

PASS Summit 2010 speakers include:

Aaron Nelson, Access Insurance - Session
Abirami Iyer, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Adam  Jorgensen,
Pragmatic Works - Session
Adam Machanic, SQLblog.com - Post-con, Spotlight
Adam Saxton, Microsoft CSS - Pre-con, Session
Alberto Ferrari, SQLBI - Session
Allan Hirt, Megahirtz LLC - Session
Allen White, Upsearch Technology Services - Pre-con, Spotlight
Amir Netz, Mirosoft - Session
Andreas Wolter
, Sarpedon Quality Lab - Session , Session
Andrew Karcher, Clarity Consulting, Inc. - Session
Andrew Kelly, Solid Quality Mentors - Post-con, Spotlight
Andy Leonard, Molina Medicaid Solutions - Spotlight, Session
Andy Warren, Fourdeuce Inc - Session, Session
Ayad Shammout, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Benjamin Nevarez - Session , Session
Bill Ramos, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Bob Meyers, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Bob Ward, Microsoft CSS - Session, Session
Boris Baryshnikov, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Brad Mcgehee
, Red Gate Software - Session, Session
Brent Ozar, SQLSkills.com - Spotlight, Spotlight
Brett Hawton, Idera - Session
Brian Knight, Pragmatic Works - Pre-con, Spotlight
Brian Larson, Superior Consulting Services - Session
Britt Johnston - Session, Session
Buck Woody
, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Post-con
Carl Rabeler, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session, Session 
Carlson Quick, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Carolyn Chau
, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Charles "Chuck" Hawkins, Jenzabar - Session
Chris Leonard, GoDaddy.com - Session, Session
Chris Shaw, AMS - Session, Session
Chris Webb, Crossjoin Consulting Ltd - Session
Christian Bolton - Session
Christine Valdes, National Home Warranty - Session
Chuck Heinzelman, Microsoft Corp. - Spotlight
Cihan Biyikoglu, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Clifford Dibble, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Conor Cunningham, Microsoft CSS - Session
Craig Utley, Solid Quality Mentors - Session, Session
Dan Parish, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Dave Fackler, Rolling Hills Enterprises, Inc. - Spotlight
Dave Wickert, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
David DeWitt, Microsoft Corp. - Keynote
Davide Mauri, Solid Quality Mentors Italia - Pre-con
Dejan Sarka, Solid Quality Mentors - Session
Denny Cherry - Pre-con, Spotlight
Denny Lee, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Dmitry Balin, DB Best Technologies LLC - Post-con
Don Box, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Don Gabor, Conversation Arts Media - Networking Pre-con, Session
Don Vilen, Scalability Experts - Session, Session
Donald Farmer, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Douglas McDowell, Solid Quality Mentors - Session
Edward Melomed - Session
Elisa Flasko
, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Eric Hanson, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Erik Veerman, Solid Quality Mentors - Session
Evan Basalik, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Evgeny Krivosheev, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Faisal Mohamood, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Geoff Hiten, Intellinet - Session
Geoff Snowman, Solid Quality Mentors - Session
George Varghese, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Glenn Berry, NewsGator Technologies, Inc - Session
Gopal Ashok, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Grant Fritchey, FM Global - Spotlight, Spotlight
Itzik Ben-Gan, Solid Quality Mentors - Pre-con, Spotlight
James Luetkehoelter, Independent - Session, Session
Jay Gore, Microsoft Corp. - Post-con
Jean-Yves Devant
, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Jeff Moden
, Brook Source - Session , Session
Jennifer McCown, MidnightDBA - Session
Jesper Johansen, Miracle A/S - Session
Jesse Fountain - Session
Jimmy Wu
, Microsoft - Session
Joe Webb, WebbTech Solutions - Session, Session
Joe Yong - Spotlight
John Carothers - Session
John Welch
, Varigence - Session
Jonathan Kehayias, Tampa General Hospital - Session, Spotlight
Josh Caplan, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Joy Mundy, Kimball Group - Spotlight, Session
Juergen Thomas, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Julie Strauss
- Session
Kalen Delaney, SQLearning - Pre-con, Spotlight
Karen Lopez, InfoAdvisors - Session
Kathi Kellenberger, Microsoft Corporation - Session, Session
Ken Simmons, eLead - Session, Session
Kendal Van Dyke, Channel Intelligence - Spotlight, Session
Kevin Cox, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Kevin Farlee, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Kevin Goode, Inmar Inc.- Session
Kevin Kline, Quest Software - Spotlight
Kimberly Tripp, SQLskills.com - Post-con, Spotlight
Klaus Aschenbrenner, HP - Spotlight, Session
Larry Chesnut, Scalability Experts - Pre-con, Post-con
Louis Davidson, CBN - Spotlight
Lawrence Woodcome, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Lorenzo Rizzi, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Lynn Langit, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Maheshwar Jayaraman
, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Marco Russo
, SQLBI - Spotlight, Session
Mark Mortimore, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Mark Scurrell, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Mark Simms
, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Mark Theissen, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Matt Masson, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Michael Rys, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Michael Thomassy, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Michelle Ufford, GoDaddy.com - Session
Mike Walsh - Session
Murshed Zaman - Session
Nino Bice, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Paul Bertucci, Database Architechs - Session
Paul Mestemaker - Session 
Paul Randal, SQLskills.com - Pre-con, Spotlight
Paul Turley, HItachi Consulting - Session
Pej Javaheri, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Peter Myers, Solid Quality Mentors - Post-con, Spotlight
Peter Ward, WARDY IT Solutions - Spotlight
Plamen Ratchev, Tangra, Inc. - Session
Quentin Clark, Microsoft Corp. - Keynote
Rajinder Gill, Scalability Experts, Inc. - Session
Ralf Dietrich, datafino GmbH - Session
Rama Ramani, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Richard Bolesta, CA - Session
Richard Heiges
, Scalability Experts - Session
RobAnn Mateja, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Rob Farley, LobsterPot Solutions - Session, Session
Rob Reinauer -
Robert Davis
, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Roger Wolter, Scalability Experts - Pre-con, Post-con
Ron Ortloff - Session
Ross Mistry, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Rushabh Mehta, Solid Quality Mentors - Session, Session
Sarah Barela, MaximumASP - Session
Scott Holmes, Microsoft CSS - Pre-con
Sergei Gundorav
, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Stacia Misner, Data Inspirations - Session, Session
Steven Wort - Session
Stuart Ainsworth - Session
Stuart Ozer, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Sunil Agarwal, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Susan Price, Microsoft Corp. - Session
T.K. Anand, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Ted Kummert, Microsoft Corp. - Keynote
Tim Peterson, Solid Quality Mentors - Session
Tobias Ternstrom, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Todd Carter, Microsoft CSS - Pre-con
Todd Robinson,
Travelport - Session
Tony Petrossian, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Trevor Barkhouse, Terremark Worldwide, Inc. - Session
Vasile Paraschiv, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Victor Isakov
, SQL Server Solutions - Session
Warren Thornthwaite, Kimball Group - Session
William McKnight, McKnight Consulting Group - Session 
Yossi Malka - Session


  Top Reasons to Attend
PASS Summit 2010

  • Over 160 technical sessions from the world's top SQL Server and BI experts
  • 2 full days of deep-dive Pre- and Post-Conference Seminars
  • Networking with thousands of SQL Server MVPs, experts, Microsoft employees, and peers
  • Face-to-face support with the Microsoft CSS and SQLCAT teams
  • Ask the Experts Lounge
  • And much more!



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