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97% of Summit 2009 attendees said PASS Summit ‘Met or Exceeded Expectations’. 98% also said they would recommend PASS Summit to their SQL Server and BI colleagues.

Here are just a few quotes from past attendees:

"This was by far the best conference I've ever attended."

"As a visitor from overseas (UK), I had a fantastic experience at the conference - well worth the extra travelling costs of crossing the Atlantic."

"It was a wonderful source of additional information you can't get out of a book. I was also able to network with other DBAs, which was priceless to me since I'm the only DBA in my organization. I gained a greater perspective on my knowledge and value to our organization. I also realized how much more I can learn.

"Not sure what to expect at first. Before the conference I felt that much of the sessions would be over my head. After the conference I found every session to be informative and beneficial...I can't recommend this conference enough to my co-workers."

"I made and renewed GOOD contacts, very good as always."

"A great conference that has given me knowledge and resources that I can use to continue my training. Thank You."

"Such a concentration of smart, interested & motivated DBAs!  I learned tons of useful stuff, and 75% of the speakers I saw I'd rate as outstanding." 

"Love the Hands-on-Labs and the opportunity to talk with real people about problems or concerns with the products."

"There is so much to see! Appreciate having the sessions recorded on DVD. Also, the pre- and post-conference sessions were great."

"Overwhelming, but in a good way. It was impossible for me to soak up everything available.  I learned a lot that I can immediately use in my job."

"This conference is valuable for the information it provides on current products, the future design of these products, and what we can look forward to." 

"This is my 4th Summit; I sincerely feel this is the best SQL Server learning conference available."

"Great information and impressive! I had great experiences to learn more technique/methods/experiences to improve my technical skills that are of benefit directly to my company. Well done!"

"This was a GREAT conference. I learned a great deal, met some super folks from all over the world and felt like it was a valuable use of my time - even with a 3+ hour commute each day."

"PASS has grown to be the *must attend* SQL event.  No other conference even comes close."

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What You've Said:
PASS Summit is Awesome!

sqlinsaneo: The feeling at the end of the week that you can solve ALL of your environments problems #PASSAwesomeness
tjaybelt: sitting at the feet of the current SQL gods, listening to their wisdom, getting awash with ideas for your own systems #PASSAwesomeness
sqlfool: Getting to meet all of the amazing SQL Server professionals out there who have inspired and encouraged me in so many ways #PASSAwesomeness
AndyLeonard: Getting to hang out and learn from so many cool people! #PASSAwesomeness
SqlAsylum: Knowing that most of the people in the audience went to bed at 3:00 a.m. as well #PASSAwesomeness
Peter_Shire: cruising the expo hall and meeting the actual developer of your favorite SQL tool. ...AND he wants YOUR opinion! #PASSAwesomeness
wendy_dance: having that "I can conquer the world with my new knowledge" feeling #PASSAwesomeness




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