PASS Summit 2020

Pre-ConferenceCall For Speakers

Open: February 11, 2020
Close: March 03, 2020

Pre-Conference Call for Speakers

Open: February 11, 2020

Close: March 03, 2020

We’re excited that you’re interested in presenting a Pre-Conference Session at PASS Summit 2020 in Houston, TX, November 10-13!

We are calling for experienced speakers that would like to present a full-day session, consisting of 6.5-hours of content. We are looking for speakers with outstanding knowledge in their key areas of expertise, who have demonstrated experience in leading full-day conference sessions, workshops, training events, and/or credit based classes at an accredited college or university, and have consistently achieved strong session evaluations and ratings at PASS Summit and/or similar conferences and events over the last 2-3 years.

Content Goals

Our goal is to deliver first-class educational content for all data professionals who leverage the Microsoft Data Platform (and everything that connects to it), to help attendees make an impact in their role today and to prepare them for what they need to know tomorrow.

PASS has identified 4 fundamental streams to best represent our community as a whole – Analytics, Architecture, Data Management, and Professional Development.

  • Analytics – this stream includes all analytics and BI-related topics with a focus on analyzing and making sense of your data to inform business decisions. From extracting, cleansing, and preparing data; to analyzing and visualizing findings; to data science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Architecture – this stream includes all architecture, infrastructure, DevOps, and deployment-related topics with a focus on designing, building, and reinforcing your data ecosystem. From reconciling your organization’s business and data strategies; to integration across a variety of tools, departments, clouds, or environments; to compliance, and everything in between. Help attendees see what is coming tomorrow and how best to plan for it today.
  • Data Management – this stream includes all data management and database development-related topics with a focus on structuring, managing, and scaling your data.
    • Data Management: acquiring, processing, storing, and securing the data while optimizing performance, building for scale, and enabling access, etc.
    • Development: how applications interact with the data platform, optimizing code for fast application performance, etc.
  • Professional Development – this stream includes topics to help with career development, advancement, leadership, and soft skills – including internal and external communication.

In addition to the streams introduced in 2019, PASS introduced Spotlight sessions - highlighted topics threaded throughout each stream. Last year, the spotlights were AI, Cloud, and Security.

This year’s spotlights include:

  • Modernization and Migration
  • Open-Source Platforms and Tools
  • Performance at Scale

As you develop and finalize your pre-conference submission(s), please keep these updated spotlights in mind as you determine which stream you will submit.

General Information:

Pre-Conference Sessions take place on the Monday and Tuesday prior to the start of PASS Summit. Pre-Conference Sessions run from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM with two 15-minute refreshment breaks (morning and afternoon) and a 1-hour lunch.

Pre-conference speakers agree to:

  • Provide two promotional video clips (1-2 minutes in length)
    • One video focused on your pre-con and what attendees will walk away with
    • One video focused on the benefits of attending PASS Summit
  • Present one Pre-Conference Session (6.5-hours)
    • Session content must contain new, updated, or modified content from previously presented material
  • Present one General Session (75-minutes)
  • Participate in one panel session (75-minutes)

If selected, pre-conference speakers will receive:

  • One complimentary 3-day registration to PASS Summit 2020
  • A $75 honorarium per paid registered attendee
  • A travel stipend of $300.00

We look forward to your participation and to reviewing your submitted abstract(s)!

To submit an abstract:

  1. Login to your PASS membership account. (If you don't have one, register for one now)
  2. Make sure you’re familiar with the Definitions and FAQ pages.
  3. Fill out your Personal Details. Make sure your biography conveys your key area of data-related expertise and number of years of data-related experience.
  4. Read and digitally sign the Speaker Contract.
  5. Submit your abstracts on the My Submissions page.

Please note that only submitted abstracts will be considered. Saved abstracts are not considered submitted.

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, March 03, 2020 at 20:00 UTC


Good luck with your submissions!