PASS Virtual Summit 2020

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Session Parameters:

  • You may submit a total of Three Abstracts – may be a combination of General Sessions, Half-Day Sessions, and Lightning Talks.    
  • Session Titles - 65 characters (including spaces) - roughly 10 words.
  • Session Abstracts - 1000 characters (including spaces) - roughly 155 words.
  • Session Summary - 150 characters (including spaces) - roughly 25 words.

If you have any questions, please contact

To Submit:

  1. Fill out and save your Personal Details (don’t forget the speaking experience tab!)
  2. Read and digitally sign the Speaker Contract.
  3. Submit your abstract by clicking Create New Session Abstract+ below.


Please note that only submitted abstracts will be considered. Saved abstracts are not considered submitted.

When submitting abstracts, please keep in mind this year’s spotlights of Modernization and Migration, Open-Source Platforms and Tools, and Performance at Scale, which go across all streams. We are also looking for professional development and innovative/forward looking sessions.

For additional inspiration, check out the suggested, but not limited to, Topics List, or the Submitted Abstracts to-date.

Learning Pathways

A collection of three sessions, chronologically presented over the three days of PASS Summit. Some topic areas we are looking to cover include:

  • Building an Azure Analytics Pipeline
  • Power Apps
  • Cloud Migration

We will also consider Learning Pathways on other topics or specific tools or technologies. If you have a possible Learning Pathways that covers one of the topics above, or something else, let us know! Feel free to submit your individual sessions, but make sure you contact us at with your Learning Pathway proposal. You need to do this to be considered.

Learning Pathways can be presented by one speaker or a coordinated group of speakers.

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