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Surprising Setbacks for Data Modernization and Azure Migration

Kevin Kline
75 minutes
DBA, Architect, IT Manager/Director/Executive
Hybrid Infrastructure
The session takes you through the most common setbacks and stumbling blocks encountered by teams who are new to data modernization and Azure migration projects. We will cover: • The hidden dangers of the “lift and shift” strategy • How a properly planned Azure landing zone can make or break a migration project • Forecasting the cost of migration and why so many teams get costs wrong • Why performance monitoring saves many data monetization and migration projects from failure • What factors lead to ideal team composition and maturity for successful data migration You also see examples of native features within SQL Server and Azure SQL DB that enable you to move data, monitor activity, and keep costs under control. We will also show the migration tools that takes the risk out of data modernization and Azure migrations. Join us for this informative session so that you know where the danger awaits in your data modernization and Azure migration!
Intermediate administrator/IT Pro skills