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A Deep Dive into Execution Plans & How to Use Them!

Janis Griffin
75 minutes
Data Management
DBA, Architect, Developer
Database Administration
The SQL Server Query Optimizer creates an execution plan for every statement running in the database. Since SQL is a declarative language, we describe what data we want to see, then the SQL Server Optimizer figures out a plan to retrieve that data efficiently. However, sometimes the Optimizer chooses a bad query plan which not only makes the query run slow, but eats up resources so other processing can’t get done. This presentation will show how to read and fine tune the query plan for better performance. We’ll quickly go over the different types of execution plans and when to use them. We’ll examine the different operators, their statistics and costs, then determine which steps to focus on tuning. Finally, several trouble shooting techniques will be shown so you can increase your tuning skills.
The participant should have a basic understanding of SQL and relational databases.