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Understanding Accelerated Database Recovery

David Maxwell
75 minutes
Data Management
DBA, IT Pro, Consultant
Database Administration
Have you ever killed a session in SQL Server and had to wait hours for it to roll back? Do you have databases that take forever to come online when SQL Server reboots or fails over, simply because of the size of the transaction log? In SQL Server 2019, Microsoft has introduced Accelerated Database Recovery, which addresses both of those problems and more. In this session, we will discuss the mechanics of Accelerated Database Recovery and how SQL Server's Persistent Version Store works. We will review how and why to monitor the version store's space usage and cleanup processes. Finally, we will see demonstrations of how ADR provides rapid recovery and almost instant transaction rollback in both On-Premises environments, and for your Azure SQL Databases as well.
Attendees should be familiar with T-SQL and with basic database recovery concepts, including transaction rollback.