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Power BI Time-Intelligence: Beyond the Basics

Bill Anton
75 minutes
BI/Analytics Practitioner
Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
Time-Intelligence refers to analyzing and comparing metrics across time and is the most common type of business intelligence reporting. Power BI has a lot of built in capabilities to help you get started but these alone are not enough for most real-world solutions. The key to mastering time-intelligence in Power BI is a good date table and understanding how to control the filter context. This session will teach you about both! In this (demo-heavy) session, we’ll quickly review Power BI’s built-in time intelligence capabilities and when you should avoid them! We’ll also cover the importance of a good date table, what attributes it should include, and how it can be leveraged to simplify complex time-intelligence calculations. Finally, we’ll breakdown many of the 40+ DAX time-intelligence functions, showing you how they work under the covers (hint: filter context) and how they can be used in combination to accommodate complex business logic.
Experience building a Power BI report and at least some exposure to DAX.