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Microsoft Azure Platform Infrastructure

Denny Cherry
Full Day
DBA, Architect, IT Manager/Director/Executive
Data Platform Strategy
In this one-day session, we’ll review the various infrastructure components that make up the Microsoft Azure platform. When it comes to moving SQL Server systems into the Azure platform, having a solid understanding of the Azure infrastructure will make migrations successful and support solutions easier. Designing your Azure infrastructure properly from the beginning is extremely important. An improperly designed and configured infrastructure will result in performance problems, manageability problems, and can be difficult to resolve without downtime. As Azure scales out around the world, many more companies will begin moving services from data centers into the Azure platform, and a solid foundation is the key to successful migrations. This session will cover the following topics: • Understanding design decisions and impacts. • Designing for performance. • When lack of speed can mean high performance. • Moving deployments from Classic to Research Manager. • Understanding Azure Security.