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Building Power BI Reports that Communicate Insights and Engage People

Meagan Longoria
Full Day
Data Management
Analyst, BI/Analytics Practitioner, Consultant
Advanced Analytics
Creating a Power BI report involves data analysis, cognitive science, graphic design, communication, and user experience design. To be successful, we need to approach it holistically, rather than see it as "just a data thing". This session will use lecture, demos, and hands-on activities to learn about Power BI features, techniques for building reports, visual design concepts, and the basics of human perception and learning. You'll learn how to define your message, choose an appropriate visual, and format the visual to optimize information intake. We'll also discuss how to arrange our visuals coherently in a report and how to implement storytelling in Power BI. You'll leave the session with an understanding of defining success in data visualization, how humans consume visual information and interact with reports, and how to create a report to communicate and stimulate viewer engagement. Attendees will receive a list of resources to use in future report design endeavors.
Basic familiarity with creating visuals in Power BI Desktop. Also, to participate in group activities, bring a laptop/tablet with Power BI Desktop installed.