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75 minutes
Data Management
DBA, Database Developer, Architect, IT Pro, Developer
Database Administration
Sessions and Speakers will include: • The Future Database Development with Containers - Steve Jones Containers and DevOps are some of the most talked about topics these days. Come see a vision of what building a database driven application might look like in the future with containerization, databases as a service (DBaaS), and a DevOps mindset. • Write Queries Faster with AutoHotKey - Nathan Boster AutoHotKey (AHK) is an open source Windows application used to create macros, hot keys, and "text expansions". Nathan has used this program for years in many different ways, but he finds it especially useful in SQL Server Management Studio. Come and see how AHK can put a library of code snippets--and full queries--at your fingertips. • How Bad Are Bad Page Splits? - Mike Byrd Everybody agrees that bad page splits hurt performance, but there is almost no documentation showing actual performance numbers. This session will show an example highlighting the performance degradation encountered during a series of bad page split as well as the ongoing effects of the bad page splits on a SELECT query. Results for this example indicate a potentially larger performance hit than anticipated. • The Warlock Of Graph-Table Mountain - Chris Hyde When I was a child I was obsessed with the Fighting Fantasy series of gamebooks, as well as other similar series like Choose Your Own Adventure. Thanks to the new SQL Graph feature introduced in SQL Server 2017, I was able to write an entire game engine to simulate these books, and it took me less than ten minutes to do so! Please join me for this light-hearted introduction to SQL Graph Database to find out how I did it. • Azure SQL: (IaaS) OR (PaaS) What to use When? - Tariq Younas Learn about the latest capabilities in the Azure SQL family (VM, SQL Managed Instance, SQL Database) in the past year, along with migration updates. • 10 Minutes of Lesser-Used SQL Server Features - Rob Volk SQL Server has hundreds of features and keeps adding more, but not all of them are widely known. This lightning talk will explore a few of these lesser-known features that may be useful to you, such as: - User defined data types - SQL_VARIANT data type - Rules - Defaults - Numbered Procedures - And more! Rob Volk will demonstrate these features during the lightning talk and briefly describe scenarios where they can best be used.