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Introduction to PowerShell

Rob Sewell
Full Day
Data Management
DBA, IT Pro, Consultant
Database Administration
You have read the blogs and have seen the PowerShell code that people use to automate scenarios, and now you want to take your learning to the next level. In this session, we will go on a journey to become more comfortable using PowerShell which will enable you to benefit from its power. Whether you only work in a Windows estate or are a Unix/Mac user, PowerShell can help you to automate and create repeatable processes. You will learn: • How to run the different versions of PowerShell, from Windows PowerShell 5.1 to PowerShell 7. • How to utilize four, everyday tips that enable you to educate yourself. • How to stop being worried about the sea of red errors and learn to love the information. • How to automate a variety of scenarios. • How to use some dbatools, however this is not the main focus. This will be presented using Jupyter Notebooks, which you will be able to take away with you and repeat to re-enforce your learning and to teach others.
Lack of pogonophobia! Willingness to learn Knowledge of PowerShell We will use Azure Data Studio, Visual Studio Code and .NET Interactive Notebooks