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Designing Reports for Effective Storytelling

Ted Stathakis
75 minutes
Analyst, BI/Analytics Practitioner
Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
You spent days on discovery, data sources, cleansing, ETL/ELT, and modeling. Now you need to put the information on the screen and make it easy for the end user to consume and understand. There are some very important Do’s and Don’ts in digital story telling that can mean the difference between an impactful and easy-to-use report that tells a story, and one that users struggle with understanding the message. We’re not just talking about pie charts and visuals, but about the correct and efficient use of color, contrast, white space, and layout. We’re talking about creating enterprise class collections of reports with a unifying and professional look and feel regardless of who created the report.
None really... An interest in learning about presenting data.