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Data Governance for Beginners

Kevin Kline
75 minutes
DBA, Architect, IT Manager/Director/Executive
Data Governance/Privacy
When organizations are small and simply, information technology is often thought of as a means of helping them conduct their business. But as organizations grow in complexity and sophistication, they begin to realize that their data is a true asset of the organization which, in and of itself, has enormous value which should be managed proactively. Enter data governance, a set of concepts centered on the ensuring that an organization has secure and high quality data throughout its life cycle. In this session, you will learn the basics of data governance as it applies to the Microsoft Data Platform, in addition to important related concepts, like master data management and data stewardship. Finally, you will learn practical steps you can to prepare for a data governance project, along with several kinds of documentation efforts you can undertake to give your organization many of the benefits of data governance without all of the work.
Basic understanding of concepts about databases and database design.