Pre-Conference Sessions

Make the most of your experience at PASS Virtual Summit with a full-day, hands-on Pre-Conference Session. These sessions are demo-filled and interactive; the best method to propel your learning and grow your skills.

Advanced T-SQL Querying and Query Tuning

Itzik Ben-Gan
Data Management

This seminar covers advanced T-SQL querying and query tuning topics. We will discuss powerful querying tools such as window functions, APPLY, OFFSET FETCH, and others. Our focus will be on how these tools are optimized and how you can use them to solve common practical T-SQL querying tasks, including gaps and islands, handling intervals, Top N per group, and others.

Microsoft Azure Platform Infrastructure

Denny Cherry
Data Management

When it comes to moving SQL Server systems into the Azure platform, having a solid understanding of the Azure infrastructure will make migrations successful and support solutions easier. An improperly designed and configured infrastructure will result in performance problems, manageability problems, and can be difficult to resolve without downtime. In this one-day session, we’ll review the various infrastructure components that make up the Microsoft Azure platform.

Zero to Hero: SQL Server Performance Tuning for Everyone

Pinal Dave
Data Management

This demo-oriented, day-long session will revolve around the story of an organization with a variety of performance tuning issues. We will assume the role of a "newbie" and discuss various aspects of SQL Server performance tuning along with how to make an impact on our Server's performance.

SQL Server on the Edge: IoT with SQL Server and .NET Core

Kevin Feasel

In this day-long training session, you will learn about Azure SQL Database Edge, the version of SQL Server intended to run on Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  We will discuss the types of scenarios we might try to solve using IoT devices. 

An Introduction to Data Science With Python for Data Professionals

Chris Hyde

Data Science is currently the hottest topic among data analysts and technologists, but getting started can be daunting or confusing to many data professionals.  We aim to change that with this full-day course in which you will be introduced to data science and its basic methodologies using the Python programming language.

Amplify Your Virtual SQL Server Performance

David Klee

Virtualization has been the norm in data centers for years. However, implemented incorrectly, your SQL Server performance can take a massive dive. Are you sure that your SQL Servers are running at optimal performance? This full-day boot camp covers all aspects of performance engineering for virtualized SQL Servers on all virtualized platforms, including VMware and Hyper-V. Most importantly, this seminar informs you on methods and terminology to improve your collaboration with your infrastructure team in order to streamline your critical SQL Server performance. 

Building Power BI Reports that Communicate Insights and Engage People

Meagan Longoria

Creating a Power BI report involves data analysis, cognitive science, graphic design, communication, and user experience design. To be successful, we need to approach it holistically, rather than see it as "just a data thing". This session will use lecture, demos, and hands-on activities to learn about Power BI features, techniques for building reports, visual design concepts, and the basics of human perception and learning.

Introduction to PowerShell

Rob Sewell
Data Management

You have read the blogs and have seen the PowerShell code that people use to automate scenarios, and now you want to take your learning to the next level. In this session, we will go on a journey to become more comfortable using PowerShell which will enable you to benefit from its power. Whether you only work in a Windows estate or are a Unix/Mac user, PowerShell can help you to automate and create repeatable processes.

The Future of Deployment for Modern Data Platform Applications

Ben Weissman & Anthony Nocentino

Join Data Platform MVPs Anthony Nocentino and Ben Weissman for a deep dive into the future of application and system deployment: Kubernetes. You will leave with the knowledge, scripts, and tools to get started with Kubernetes and Kubernetes based applications.

Power BI Deployment and Governance for the Enterprise

Melissa Coates

As Power BI is becoming more and more prevalent across your organization, are you clear on the important aspects of a well-managed Power BI environment? Lessons learned and stories from Power BI deployment projects will be shared, and numerous demos will be used throughout the day to explain and reinforce suggestions. Attendees will leave this session with specific, actionable recommendations which can be used right away for well-managed and governed enterprise-level deployments.

Data Modeling with Power BI and Tabular

Alberto Ferrari

You have data in Excel, Power BI, or SSAS, so why can’t you glean any real insights into the information? Maybe you’re dealing with a different problem: you’re struggling to write the formula that provides the numbers you need. Either way, your problem is most likely with the data model. This seminar introduces the techniques of shaping data models in Excel, Power BI, and SSAS Tabular, making no assumptions on previous knowledge of data modeling. We will also cover real-world examples that will help you look at your reports in a different way. As you’ll soon see, with the correct data model, the right answer is always a simple one!

Modern Data Warehousing and Advanced Analysis with Azure Synapse

Ginger Grant

Today’s businesses want to be able to analyze their data in both relational and non-relational storage, and be able to provide greater insight with AI and Machine Learning. This session explores how to architect a big data solution in a flexible, scalable cloud environment to provide the single source of data truth for an entire organization.

Modern Strategies for SQL Server Availability

Allan Hirt

All SQL Server implementations – on-premises physical or virtual, in any public cloud, or hybrid spanning on-premises and the cloud – must be available. In a world where virtualization and cloud reigns supreme, anyone deploying SQL Server needs to understand how your platform choice, as well as location, influences how things are ultimately configured. Attending will make you a business continuity hero, whether you need to get up to speed fast or you want to modernize existing availability skills.

Execution Plans in Depth

Hugo Kornelis
Data Management

For troubleshooting slow queries, looking at the execution plan is a good starting point. However, just looking at the plan does not always help. Sometimes, you need to dig deeper. In this full-day, pre-con session, you will learn everything you need to take your understanding of execution plans to the next level. If you have seen some execution plans but feel you need to bring your understanding to the next level, then this pre-con session is for you!

Developer Dive into SQL Server 2019

Leonard Lobel
Data Management

This session will get you up to speed on powerful new features in SQL Server 2019. Learn how the ability to run inside Docker containers will revolutionize the way you work with SQL Server. In this session, you'll explore the latest Intelligent Query Processing enhancements and development platform improvements, including machine learning services with R and Python, integrated JSON support, graph databases, stretch database, and temporal tables. We will also discuss security features with the new data classification features to help you cope with GDPR and HIPPA compliance. 

Avoiding the Storms When Migrating to Azure

John Morehouse
Data Management

Have you recently decided to move to Microsoft Azure, but don't know where to start? Do you have concerns about how to get your data there? Thankfully, migrating to Azure isn't as daunting as you might think. In this full-day, hands-on session, you will learn about the foundations of the Microsoft Azure SQL Platform ecosystem. By the end of this session, you will obtain newfound confidence to help you get data up into the cloud in a safe, secure, cost effective, and successful manner!

Introduction to NoSQL Solutions

Jeff Renz
Data Management

With the increasing need to store large datasets and the ability to scale resources on premise or in the cloud that is cost effective, NoSQL databases have been adapted by large companies. This session will examine different non-relational (NoSQL) data models, those being Key-Value, Document, Column, Graph, Object-Oriented database models, and in memory databases. Attendees will learn about advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches.

The Azure SQL Workshop

Bob Ward & Anna Hoffman
Data Management

In this hands-on, scenario-driven workshop, members of the SQL engineering team will help you translate your existing SQL Server expertise to Azure SQL, including Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL managed instance. At the end of the day, you should have a foundational knowledge of what techniques and programs to use in different situations, as well as how to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the “meat and potatoes” of SQL Server in Azure: security, performance, and availability. You will learn about not only the “what”, but also the “how” and the “why”. You’ll walk away with resources and tools so you can go as deep as your scenario requires.

SQL Server on Linux from A to Z

Randolph West
Data Management

Dive into the world of Linux and get ahead of the curve with installing, configuring, managing and monitoring SQL Server on Linux. By the end of this full-day session, you will be able to build, configure and maintain a SQL Server instance on Linux, and transfer this knowledge to others.

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