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The Official PASS Virtual Summit Blogger program is made up of some of the community's most influential and knowledgeable experts across architecture, data management, analytics, and professional development.

This year's team of bloggers will share the latest event announcements, along with their past experiences, and tips and tricks in the lead up to PASS Virtual Summit 2020.

Official Bloggers KELLYN GORMAN


Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman is an Oracle SME Engineer in Customer Success at Microsoft. Kellyn has spent an awful lot of time working with database migrations from various platforms, helping customers build out Azure and Oracle Cloud solutions and architecture for Oracle, MySQL, PostgresSQL, and other data platforms on Azure IaaS. She is an alumni of the Oracle ACE program and the Idera ACE program in the Microsoft community. Kellyn is currently a Friend of Redgate and is very proud to be a member, and one of only six women, who are part of the Oak Table Network.

Kellyn has a long history of database and system optimization tuning, automation and designing robust infrastructure for longevity. She consistently advocates logical tuning of code and design before hardware solutions. In recent years, she's become known for her expertise in DevOps, Enterprise Manager, AWR, (Automatic Workload Repository) Warehouse, analytics, Power BI, and virtualization of database environments with complex cloud management. 

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