PASS Virtual Summit 2020

Be there. Wherever you are.

Why is PASS Virtual Summit different?

The state-of-the-art virtual platform delivers sessions from the foremost data experts in the world, along with interactive events to connect with fellow attendees, all from the comfort of your home office.

Community & Networking

  • Opt-in to see who is live at the same time as you
  • Share your details and grow your network
  • Discuss key topics with your fellow community members from all over the world
  • Get to know all our Sponsors and Vendors through our Exhibit Hall

On-Demand Interactive Content

With 12 months On-Demand access to the entire conference - available after each session- you can watch at anytime and anywhere in the world convenient to you.

Virtual Q&As, polling, and moderators will give you that innovative interactive learning experience we are coming to love in this digital age. 

Global Interactive Content

Microsoft at PASS Virtual Summit

Join the engineers who built the tools you love.

Continuing their commitment to PASS and our data community, Microsoft has signed on to be the Premier sponsor at PASS Virtual Summit 2020. This move shows Microsoft’s commitment to providing our community with world class learning opportunities, wherever and whenever is best for you.

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