Networking opportunities to connect you with like-minded data professionals.

What to expect during PASS Virtual Summit

PASS is working hard to design a virtual event which not only gives you access to world class data content but also takes online networking to a whole new level. Below are just a few of the activities we are working on, stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Health & Wellness Breaks

PASS Virtual Summit sessions will be intertwined with multiple Health & Wellness Breaks to keep you alert, engaged, and active throughout the conference.  Join us for community lead activities such as; cooking classes, yoga retreats, meditation moments and stretching sessions all from the comfort of your home. 

Regional Spotlights

We’ve always brought people together from around the world, but PASS Virtual Summit gives us even more of an opportunity to do this. This year we’re able to provide sessions in the speaker’s own time zones and what better opportunity to also connect with people from your region at a time which is convenient to you.

Chat Rooms

Looking to have a group chat with people you know or join in small targeted conversations on topics you love? We’ve got you covered. Breakout in to one of the many, many, Community Bubbles to network away to your hearts content.


Just because we’ve gone virtual doesn’t mean our attendees will miss out on fun PASS Summit experiences like collecting as many ribbons as you can. We’re building out virtual ribbons and very much looking forward to seeing who’s going to lead the way in sheer quantity.

PASS to Prizes

Run around the virtual exhibitor hall and collect vendor QR codes to be entered in with a chance to win this years’ prizes! 

Are You Ready?