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PASS Summit News PASS Summit 2019 Breakfast Update

PASS Summit 2019 Breakfast Update

17 Sep 2019

Over the past few years, the breakfast options at PASS Summit have shifted in an effort to balance the budget, while still offering PASS Summit attendees with the best on-site experience possible each year.

Based on feedback received from last year’s post-event attendee survey, it was clear that the community was not satisfied with the change from a hot breakfast to pastries and coffee. While breakfast still ranks as one of the least important factors to overall attendee experience, it was important that we provide a suitable breakfast option.

As a result of the increase in cost of providing an equivalent to last year’s breakfast (pastries and coffee), and the related attendee feedback received, the decision was made to give PASS Summit 2019 attendees a Starbucks gift card based on conference days attended (i.e. $25 for a standard 3-day attendance).    

These gift cards will offer attendees increased flexibility in choosing from a wide variety of menu items. The PASS Community Zone will also be open each morning, so that attendees can pick up their breakfast at a convenient Starbucks location and enjoy some morning networking at the Convention Center.  

Thank you for your continued feedback and for helping us adjust and improve the PASS Summit experience!

For more information on this decision, please read this blog by PASS Board VP of Marketing, Tim Ford.