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PASS Summit News Program Announcement: Introducing Streams

Program Announcement: Introducing Streams

17 Jan 2019

This year, PASS has identified three fundamental areas–or streams–that best represent our community as a whole - Data Management, Analytics, and Architecture.

  • Data Management - this stream includes all data management and database development-related topics, with a focus on structuring, managing, and scaling your data. 
  • Analytics - this stream includes all analytics and BI-related topics, with a focus on analyzing and making sense of your data to inform business decisions. 
  • Architecture - this stream includes all architecture, infrastructure, DevOps, and deployment-related topics, with a focus on designing, building, and reinforcing your data ecosystem. 

These streams will be represented at PASS Summit and will make it easier for PASS Summit attendees to select skill-based educational content that suits their particular needs. To read more on these new streams, read the blog written by PASS director-at-large John Martin.