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Learning Pathways

Learning pathways are at least three sessions presented in collaboration between 2 or more speakers that deliver on a set of learning outcomes. These curated 75-minute general sessions are scheduled in order so that you may follow the pathway and achieve new skills. This is our first year piloting learning pathways; we look forward to hearing your feedback in our attendee survey.

AI for Everyone

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become prevalent across all types of industries and organizations. More than just a buzz word, AI is the future of data and analysis. No matter what your role, you are part of a successful AI strategy within your organization. But what exactly is AI? How does it work and what does it mean for you?

Join our AI learning pathway to gain an understanding of AI and the key skills you need to enhance your career. We'll explore what AI is, how it works, and then look at different roles to show exactly what it means.

Cloud Migration

With more and more companies moving their data to the cloud it is increasingly important to understand how to do it right, and where to go. Every solution has pros and cons, but what are they? Which one makes the most sense for your environment? How do you build a solid cloud migration plan and set yourself up for success? While this can feel overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.

Join our Cloud Migration learning pathway to hear from industry leading migration experts and some of the world’s foremost cloud providers. We will show you how to assess your environment, build your plan, pick your cloud solution, and then how to migrate. You will leave this pathway with the confidence to build your own plan, and migrate to the cloud. 

SQL Performance for Developers

The speed of your application has never been more important, but what is slowing it down? Is it the database? Is it the code? Is it something in between? What can you do to make it faster?

Join our SQL Performance for Developers learning pathway to understand what to look for and learn how to make your applications run faster! We will provide real world examples to show you the impact of common mistakes and how to fix them quickly. From execution plans, indexing, and queries, to schema and code design, we’ll show you how to optimize your interactions with the database for the fastest possible performance.

Technical Leadership

Technical leadership is an essential function in any organization, and one that many of us aspire to. How can you be an effective leader? How can you support the growth of others, as well as your own? How do you balance between keeping your team on track, yourself on track, and your boss happy?

Join our Technical Leadership learning pathway to learn from leaders in our community what you need to grow as a leader. Wherever you are in your career, this pathway will take you through the key skills you need to lead a team, influence your organization, support the professional development of your team, and develop yourself; both as a leader and a technical expert.

Becoming an Azure Data Engineer

As data science becomes commonplace we’ve also seen the rise of the Data Engineer; a highly sought-after role that has employers banging down doors looking for people with the right skill set. What is an Azure Data Engineer? How does it differ from it's on-premises predecessors? How does this role support data science? What do you need to learn to step into this role and what do you already know that you can transfer?

Join our Becoming an Azure Data Engineer pathway to understand what this role is, what you need to know, and what you already know. Whether you are a DBA, Data Analyst, Developer, or BI Professional, we’ll prepare you with everything you need to begin your journey in becoming an Azure Data Engineer – all in line with Microsoft’s new certification program.

Data Security

In today’s world, data is a company’s most valuable asset. With data crimes on the rise, data security is a hot topic. What is your role in data security? What can you do to protect your data within SQL Server ? What vulnerabilities exist? How can motivated individuals exploit those vulnerabilities? How can you track activity within your database? How can you create applications that ensure your data is secure?

Join our Data Security learning pathway to obtain a solid understanding of how to be a part of the solution. From basic database security, to audits and application development. We’ll explore it all and leave you with the tools and information you need to protect your organizations data.

Modernizing with SQL Server 2019

SQL Server 2019 contains amazing new features and possibilities for your database and organization, but how do you get started? Should you use SQL Server in a VM or Azure SQL Database? What other options are there? How do you migrate quickly and effectively, while minimizing down time? How do you optimize and take advantage of everything SQL Server 2019 has to offer? What skills do you need to support 2019 and a modern data platform strategy? With more questions than answers, modernizing your database may feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be.

Join our Modernizing with SQL Server 2019 learning pathway, delivered by the experts from Microsoft, to learn the right way to modernize your environment. Using real world examples, you'll get a complete overview of 2019, how to make the move as seamless as possible and a deep dive into some of the coolest capabilities of 2019 – running SQL server with containers on Kubernetes. Across 5 sessions, we will give you the confidence to modernize not only your database, but also your skills as a data professional.

Take yourself and your organization to the leading edge of database technology.

Communication & Collaboration

What sets successful technical professionals apart from others is rarely a unique technical skill that others lack. It’s the ability to influence, to understand what their organization needs, to keep stakeholders engaged, and to deliver results. These individuals are able to understand others’ points-of-view, get others to see their perspective, and garner support. What is their secret? They are good communicators.

Join our Communication for Technical Professionals learning pathway to learn the skills you need to advance your career. You will gain a variety of techniques that will help you effectively communicate with your peers, customers, and managers. You will be become a more self-aware and empathetic communicator, who is able to more effectively influence others, avoid misunderstandings, and move conversations toward more successful and productive conclusions.

Linux for SQL Server Professionals

Since the release of SQL Server 2017, we have been able to run SQLServer on Linux. For those less familiar with Linux, this has often created more questions than answers. How does Linux work? Why or when should I use it? How different is it to what I already know? What skills do I need?

Join our Linux for SQL Server Professionals learning pathway to learn the answers to these questions and more. While you may not be experienced with Linux, it doesn’t need to be intimidating. No matter where you are starting from, this pathway will provide you with an overview of how to operate within Linux using familiar concepts.

Data Visualization & Storytelling

No matter the industry or size, all types of businesses are using data visualization and storytelling, in one form or another, to help make sense of their data. The ability to communicate data effectively has become a sought-after skill for many professionals. Creating a successful data story relies on a solid foundation of visualization and other design techniques. Where do you start and what do you need to know?

Join our Data Visualization & Storytelling learning pathway to gain a solid understanding and to take your skills to the next level. We’ll start with the basics and move through key topics to show you how to visually communicate complex data and gain influence in your organization. This pathway culminates in the building of a complete data story from start to finish, enabling you to apply these techniques to your own data.

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