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Get inspired by our industry-leading keynote speakers on the Microsoft data platform, Cybersecurity, Analytics,and empowering diversity in technology.

Day 1 Keynote

Microsoft Azure Keynote Room
Wednesday, November 6

Rohan Kumar

Corporate Vice President of Azure Data,

Azure Data: Unmatched Price-Performance & Limitless Capabilities Wherever Your Data Lives

Join Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President of Azure Data, to learn about the latest innovations on Microsoft's data platform. Learn why Azure is the unmatched cloud in price-performance and how we are redefining cloud analytics with new and unrivaled capabilities. See our latest Kubernetes-based hybrid innovations that enable customers to reimagine their hybrid cloud environments. You will also hear about the latest innovations in Azure SQL DB and SQL Server 2019. See killer demos on how customers are using SQL Server 2019 to bring Intelligence closer to All their data, structured and unstructured. Hear our customer stories as they share how they’ve used Azure Data to build cutting-edge solutions to transform their businesses.

Day 2 Keynote

Microsoft Azure Keynote Room
Thursday, November 7

Tarah Wheeler

Cybersecurity Expert | Author of Women in Tech

Cybersecurity is Everyone's Problem

Cybersecurity is a bigger concern today than ever before. As new threats emerge daily and security efforts increase worldwide, data professionals must stay informed of these changes to implement precautionary measures that ensure global standards are met and personal data is kept safe at all times.

During this keynote, Tarah Wheeler–one of America’s leading cybersecurity experts–will outline three key areas that data professionals should be thinking about when implementing measures to protect sensitive data - Overlapping Worlds; Distributed Denial of Attention; and Data, Tomorrow.

She will be looking at the role of the three distinct regulatory climates that are developing in the world, the multitude of choices in data architecture to provide for security that are sometimes in direct conflict with privacy, and what the world of data and cybersecurity could look like tomorrow.

Women in Technology Luncheon

Microsoft Azure Keynote Room
Thursday, November 7

LaShana Lewis

CEO, L.M. Lewis Consulting

Data-Driven Diversity: Using Your Skills to Make a Difference

Data is all around us. From calculating projections to influencing meaningful decision-making, the impact data has on the way we live and work is increasing rapidly. But, what does this mean for data processes and the business world as a whole, when not everyone has a seat at the table? During this presentation, LaShana Lewis will outline the importance of diversity in business and how you can consider data through the lens of diversity and inclusion, using your skills as a data professional to raise awareness and make lasting change.

LaShana Lewis is a technologist working in the diversity space with over 20 years of experience. She is currently the CEO of L. M. Lewis Consulting, a company which aims to make employers more diverse through recruitment, hiring, and retention best practices. She recently joined Astral AR as Director of Aerospace IT, a company dedicated to giving police/search-and-rescue teams sensory capable drones. Lewis has also served as the CTO of MultiPass, which seeks to network coworking spaces together.

If you didn’t sign up for the luncheon during registration, a limited number of tickets may be available at no additional cost from the Registration Desk onsite. Contact for more information (subject line: PASS Summit 2019: WIT Luncheon).

Women in Technology Luncheon is proudly sponsored by: SentryOne-logo-200px

Day 3 Spotlight

TCC Tahoma 4
Friday, November 8

Donald Farmer

Principal, TreeHive Strategy

The New Analyst

For anyone working in business intelligence and analytics, your world is changing rapidly. Traditional reporting and dashboards have become standard tools for business with the result that enterprises are looking elsewhere for new advantages. Data science and artificial intelligence capture the headlines, but there’s a lot of important work still ahead for the analyst - if they can keep up with some significant trends. 

In this spotlight, Donald Farmer will explore some of the skills and technologies that are needed for the new analytics. We will look at how business analysts can work with data science and data engineering to everyone’s advantage; the importance of data literacy in modern business; and how being comfortable with ambiguity will become an essential skill.