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Angela Tidwell

Angela Tidwell is an experienced Data Professional with a love for Data Analytics, Data Science, Power BI, Python, SQL, etc.  She is a dynamic and exciting speaker armed with a zest for life and quick wit; connect with her on her personal blog.

16 Sep 2019
PASS Summit Buddy
You Know What is Scary? Going to a HUGE conference where you know no one, are lost in a sea of abstracts, and feel alone among thousands of people. Have you ever been there?  Felt... Read More
19 Aug 2019
How Do You Learn?
There is no question about it, PASS Summit is a fantastic event at which to connect with industry professionals, learn new things, and hone your data wrangling skills.  However, with every... Read More
5 Jun 2019
Official PASS Summit Blogger
Have you ever just looked around where you are and thought “How the heck did I get HERE?” If I am being honest, it has happened a fair number of times for me. Normally when this... Read More

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