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PASS Summit 2019 Learning Pathways

17 May 2019 | Posted by KELLYN GORMAN

Although November can seem far away, PASS Summit 2019 will be here before you know it.  Speakers are being announced daily and that includes yours truly.  Along with numerous great new reasons to attend the event, PASS is announcing a number of curated learning pathways, each with a minimum of three sessions for each.   Earlier today, it was announced that the Linux pathway for DBAs will include three sessions to first introduce Linux, then increase those skills, along with refine the database professional’s next step in their path to SQL Server 2019 and Azure.

As part of this curated learning pathway, I’ll be presenting the second of the three sessions-  focused on Linux scripting.  Many database professionals will wonder why, with Powershell’s introduction on Linux, they would ever need to learn “Linux Scripting”, but for transparency, we’re talking about that scripting language referred to as the CLI in the Azure portal- the BASH scripting language. 

I’m a strong believer that the more skills, the more heavily armed we are to take on the everyday battles of the technical world.  Although PowerShell is essential to the SQL Database Professional in the new world of SQL Server on Linux, as well as the Azure cloud, adding BASH to your repertoire offers added agility when automating management, monitoring environments and solving challenges.

 the power of this ancient, (in the technical world’s timeline) scripting language with it’s robust inclusion of Linux utilities will be evident in this session, as we build out a “lord of the rings” script- in other words, one script to rule them all.  I often refer to this type of script as a “wrapper script.”  It can be used, recycled, updated and upgraded to fulfill numerous challenges and fulfill multiple requests, making the database professional more effective and efficient.

The attendee will be able to work alongside the session with the addition of a simple Linux SQL Server docker image, so to be sure, this is a session not to be missed if you’re hoping to take your scripting skills to the next level.  For those new to Linux, not just BASH scripting, a pre-requisite would be to attend the first session in the curated learning, hosted by my pal, Hamish Watson, “Linux Fundamentals for the DBA” and for those hoping to continue the learning, attend the third session from another wonderful friend and presenter, Randolph West on “Advanced Linux concepts for SQL Server”.  These are those types of educational opportunities that allow you to do more with less, enhance your skill set and let you work smart instead of just working hard.

If you haven’t already registered, get out there, check out the great sessions and announcements on and start building that schedule!  Even better, realize that if you attend the curated pathways, like the one I’m part of, next year you might just automate your schedule builder with keyword searches and push it to your calendar with a BASH script.

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