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14. #SQLFamily

The hashtag #sqlfamily has become synonymous with connection, support, and fellowship. The PASS community shares what #sqlfamily means to them.

“I have been to all Summits except one. It has been a journey that has had a great effect on me over my career. I have met and befriended (and been befriended) by so many people in the SQL Family. I remember meeting Kalen Delaney for the first time and many other SQL people like Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp, that I consider heroes and they were just normal down to earth people that made me feel like one of them. I am forever grateful for PASS and the Summits every year to allow me to have a SQL Family Reunion every time I come.

I love my SQL Family and consider all of them family. I thank PASS and the board for everything that they do to make the Summits an amazing place to learn and network and make it like coming home.”

“The epitome of #sqlfamily was shown when Kendra Little, fellow community member, wrote a blog remembering one of our own when he was lost to us. The outpouring of support was extremely moving. Read Remembering Robert Davis, aka @SQLSoldier.”

“#sqlfamily stands for community - as someone who has and is part of other tech communities too, it has few parallels in terms of how many genuinely caring, kind hearted people there are. In other tech communities, making friends out of other people is a chance occurrence. It happens but it is not like this, where people actually *want* to be friends and more than just another professional contact on LinkedIn. And it is not just people who need connections to get jobs and such - seriously smart people with jobs and careers that are well beyond average DBA/Developer type of jobs are out here, helping others succeed and offering to be part of their lives as friends. It is not something that is common. It is a blessing.”

“[The SQL family is] mostly a group of good people who really enjoy helping others in the community. It is great to know that if you get stuck on something, you can simply tweet what your problem is, and you have an answer very quickly!!  I encourage my students to become active members of the community whenever I can!  I think it is also amazing how the community supports each other in other non-SQL server areas as well.”

“I was flying back home to Houston from Israel during Hurricane Harvey. I was diverted to Chicago and didn’t know how long I’d be staying there. #sqlfamily came to the rescue and I had many people offering me a place to stay along with other assistance. It was comforting to know I had family in the area, regardless of where I may have been. #sqlfamily brings images of connections I’ve made over the years across the world. Sharing in happy memories, sharing in mourning of family members passing, and helping one another when needed. The community is truly a family.”

"Community is like family. It is not full of fault free, unselfish, perfect people. It has all kinds of people - some we may like, some we may not. There will be people we get along with better than others. There will be opinions we agree with or don't agree with. It is my sincere wish for people to set their differences and enjoy and celebrate what brought us together as community. Thank you for this opportunity."