PASS Summit v. 20

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Award Winner 1

The Heart of the Community: The PASSion Award

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kilts 2

PASS Summit Traditions: Kilts and Karaoke

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witluncheon 3

Evolution of the Women in Technology (WIT) Luncheon

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microphone 4

PASS Summit Speakers: Taking the Stage

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badges 5

Behind the Scenes of PASS Summit

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large group in session 6

The Life-Changing Impact of PASS Summit

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microsoft data clinic 7

The Doctor Is In: Origin and Evolution of the Data Clinic

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tricycle 8

Memorable Moments at PASS Summit

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jim donahoe marine unit 9

Connecting the Community One Ribbon at a Time

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gap logo 10

PASS Global Alliance Partners

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notes from presentation 11

Inspiration Found and Never Forgotten

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lightbulb 12

A-HA! Moments of Discovery at PASS Summit.

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pablo 13

First-Timer Experience at PASS Summit

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group summit photo 14

#SQLFamily: More Than Just a Community

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andrea allred 15

SQL Hero Sightings at PASS Summit

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summit attendees 16

Through the Lens: A Photo Story

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group photo 17

PASS Pioneers: Reflecting Back

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community zone 18

Growth and Passion: The PASS Latin America Region

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couple 19

#SQLLove Stories at PASS Summit

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Final Story 20

Your 20th PASS Summit Story


You're Invited
PASS Summit
v.20 Celebration

Join Grant Fritchey kick off PASS Summit v.20 - a celebration that is ALL fun and games! FREE beer, high score gaming activities, and prizes, all courtesy of our celebration sponsors. You do not want to miss it!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Microsoft Keynote Room, 4A

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To celebrate PASS Summit v.20, we will share the inspirational growth of our community through 20 Summits | 20 Stories. These stories reflect the past, present, and future of PASS – both the annual conference and the community-driven organization that makes this event possible.

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