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Community Call For Speakers

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is PASS Summit 2018?

PASS Summit 2018 will be held November 6th to November 9th, at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle, WA. Pre-conference sessions take place November 5th and 6th. 

Who can submit an abstract?

The PASS Summit Community Call for Speakers is open to anyone in the community with at least three prior speaking engagements. You may submit a total of three abstracts across any combination of categories, skill levels, and tracks.

When is the abstract submission deadline?

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, March 21 at 23:00 UTC. Please double check the actual submission deadline within your own timezone. 

How do I submit an abstract?

  1. Login to your PASS membership account. (If you don't have one, register for one now)
  2. Review the Definitions and FAQ.
  3. Fill out your Personal Details. Please ensure your bio conveys your key area of data-related expertise and number of years of data-related experience. 
  4. Read and digitally sign the Speaker Contract before submitting any abstracts.
  5. Submit your abstracts

What is a technology focus?

To help ensure our Abstract Review team can correctly review all submitted abstracts, we have added a Technology Focus field to the submission form. You will select one of the following choices: Advanced Analytics, Big Data and IoT, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Cloud Solutions, Database Administration and Development, Application Development, or Other (Professional Development). 

I still can't submit my abstract, what's wrong?

You may not have filled in three prior speaking engagements on the Experience tab of the Personal Details page. If you have any questions, or have any further issues submitting your abstracts, please email

On the personal details page, can I edit previous speaking history?

If you need to edit any of your previous speaking history which has already been created, you will need to create a new version and delete the old one.

Can we review abstracts submitted by other speakers?

Yes, you may view submitted abstracts here. We have also added a virtual representation to show how many abstracts per Technology Focus have been submitted.

What are the tracks for PASS Summit 2018?

You can learn all about our new Tracks on our Definitions page. If you have a question about where your abstracts might be categorized, please email

Will the Program Committee be looking for any specific topics?

The Program Committee does have a list of "Hot Topics"- a list of the most popular topics and up and coming technologies. While sessions associated with hot topics are needed to balance out the Summit Program, sessions submitted on other topics are absolutely needed and are welcome. You can view the list of hot topics here

What other information does PASS provide to help speakers?

Speakers are welcome to view sessions already submitted for PASS Summit 2018. In addition, check out the 2018 Educational Content Survey highlights. Please review the guidelines for submission on the home page

How are speakers and sessions selected for PASS Summit?

The program committee will select sessions that align with topics based on the Summit content framework as well as topics that meet the needs of Summit attendees. Speaker expertise in the topic is also very important so please highlight your area(s) of expertise in your bio. Timely and updated content are also factors the program committee will take under consideration. Selections will be based on the abstract submitted, the speaker’s knowledge, experience, and several other variables to balance the Summit program.

What criteria does the PASS Program Committee use to review abstracts?

The program committee will review all abstracts with the following in mind: 

  • Is the content updated and relevant? Will it be interesting to attendees? 
  • Is the content being put forward in an inventive and updated way?
  • How does the abstract align with the goals, session level, and prerequisites? 
  • How much knowledge expertise does the speaker have based on the content submitted?
  • What are the submitter's previous speaking experiences?

Will session evaluations from previous Summits be taken into account during the abstract review?

Yes, previous years of Summit session evaluation ratings will be reviewed if applicable. 

What about links provided to videos? How will these affect the abstract review process?

The optional video link on the Personal Details page will be reviewed as part of the abstract review process if insight into a speaker’s presentation style is needed. 

When will I find out if I have been accepted to speak?

The abstract review period runs from the close of the Call for Speakers to the end of April. Speakers will be notified of their selection in early June. The official program selection will be announced later that month. 

Why should I speak at PASS Summit 2018?

Speaking at PASS Summit allows you to get involved and help others by sharing your knowledge, stories, and experiences while also building your reputation with the community as a professional speaker. 

What will I receive as a speaker?

The main presenter of an accepted general session will receive a non-transferable 3-day Summit registration and a speaker shirt* (Pre-conference sessions can be purchased at an additional cost).

What happens if I get selected as a speaker after I've already paid the registration fee?

If you are selected as a speaker, but have already paid your registration fee, you will be refunded the full amount of registration.

* No Summit registrations or speaker shirts are provided to co-presenters or those selected for a 10-minute Lightning Talk.

Have more questions? Please email us!