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Community Call For Speakers


Carefully review the following before you complete your submissions.

PASS Summit 2018 Tracks

PASS Summit sessions will be organized into the following tracks:

The first step in a data project is designing the solution – planning, scoping and identifying business requirements. This track includes sessions on infrastructure, data warehousing, ETL, data models, designing for the future and more. It covers what data pros need to know to successfully plan and manage small to enterprise-wide solutions.

Building a technology solution is where the planning and design take form. This track covers the critical areas of creating solutions, including architecture, development, debugging, implementation, and performance.

Maintaining and supporting database systems and solutions is crucial. This track focuses on the more administrative but no less important aspects of database system maintenance.

After a solution is in place, it must be tested, monitored, and optimized. This track covers the skills needed to fine-tune a solution, including trouble-shooting, performance testing, packaging, release, and speed. It also includes DevOps sessions focused on managing and motivating teams.

Successfully scaling technology requires the right tools, the right process, and the right mindset. This track focuses on the skills needed to scale a solution, including deployment, agile, Azure, and cloud.

Analyzing critical business data is imperative for organizations today. This track focuses on how to ask questions of data, how to monitor the health of the organization using dashboards, how to explore new ways to visualize data, and how to create powerful reports to drive better decisions.

The Evolve track is designed to inspire data professionals to proactively manage their career growth and their career journey. This track provides interactive and inspiring sessions to challenge data professionals to think differently about their careers, and learn what is needed to succeed today and in the future.

All industries are impacted by innovation. Staying current with trends enables data professionals to bring leadership and guidance back to their companies and plan for initiatives. This track includes sessions on planning for the near future along with a look inside innovation being developed by the world’s most forward-thinking companies.

Technology Focus and Tags

Our Technology Focuses for PASS Summit 2018 are the following: 

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Application Development
  • Big Data and IoT
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Database Administration and Development
  • Other (Professional Development)

You are also able to attach as many Tags to your session as you like. Tags include topics, technologies as well as languages. Please click here to view a PDF of our Tags. If you don't see a Tag that fits your session, feel free to enter it in the "Additional Details" field on the submission form. 

Session Category

  • General sessions are 75 minutes long and open to all speakers; they can contain content at any of the session skill levels.
  • Half-Day sessions are 3 hour long, in-depth sessions applicable to skill levels 400 - 500. 
  • Lightning Talks are 10 minute talks from various speakers and on various topics that combine into a 75 minute long session.

Session Skill Level

Your session content must match one of the following skill levels. The more accurate you are in specifying the skill level for your session, the better your session will be received. Sessions are needed at all levels but the largest percentage of sessions at Summit focus on the 300 level.

  • 100 Level (Novice) Assumes some knowledge of the concepts/features, but not necessarily coding skills; 1 year experience
  • 200 Level (Intermediate) Assumes comfort with technical concepts and basic coding skills; 1-3 years experience
  • 300 Level (Advanced) Assumes solid knowledge of technology and strong coding skills; 4-6 years experience
  • 400 Level (Expert) Assumes advanced understanding of technology; 6+ years experience
  • 500 Level (Advanced Expert) Assumes deep technical knowledge of the technology; 8+ years experience

Session Prerequisites

New this year, we are making the Prerequisite field visible on the PASS Summit 2018 website. This will help attendees determine if your session is applicable to them. Please list any prior knowledge or experience with a certain technology in this field. If your session does not have any prerequisites, please write "None" in the field.  

Session Summary, Abstract and Goals

The session summary should provide a brief, 150 character overview of your abstract. Should your abstract be chosen, the session summary will be printed in the PASS Summit Program Guide. We require you to submit 3 goals per abstract. These goals should highlight key learning an attendee can expect to walk-away with by attending your session. Your abstract should provide a comprehensive description  - in 1000 characters or less - of what attendees can expect from your attending your session. Chosen abstracts will be published on the PASS Summit website. Check out some tips for writing abstracts.