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Pre-Conference Sessions

Make the most of your experience at PASS Summit with a full-day, hands-on Pre-Conference Session.* 

Hurry seats are limited!

*Select up to 2 Pre-conference Sessions during registration or add to an existing registration by emailing Taylor Vick or calling 888.714.5544. An additional fee is required to attend a Pre-Conference Session.

Performance-Centric T-SQL (Audience: DBA; Database Developer)

This full-day seminar covers advanced aspects of T-SQL querying and programming, with a performance-centric focus. It demonstrates practical uses of T-SQL features with optimized and polished solutions.

Itzik Ben-Gan

SQL Server Security (Audience: DBA; Architect)

During this daylong session, we’ll look at the various ways that databases and data should be secured, as well as how to secure currently running production applications.

Denny Cherry

Designing Modern Data and Analytics Solutions in Azure (Audience: BI/Analytics Practitioner; DBA)

This full-day session will focus on principles and practices for architecting modern analytics/BI/DW systems in Azure, as well as Azure fundamentals, implementation strategies, and lessons learned from customer projects.

Melissa Coates and Meagan Longoria

Immediate Business Impact with Power Pivot (Audience: Analyst)

In this workshop, Rob Collie will introduce you to the capabilities of Power Pivot, and just as importantly, explain how it can quickly transform your organization’s relationship with data.

Rob Collie

Digital Storytelling with Power BI (Audience: BI/Analytics Practitioner; Analyst)

Learn how to use Power BI to build solutions that tell a profound story about your data, using Custom Visuals and real-time analytics.

Devin Knight, Brian Knight, and Mitchell Pearson

Intelligent Data Integration with SSIS (Audience: BI/Analytics Practitioner; DBA)

Attend a day of training focused on intelligent data integration and BIML, delivered by SSIS expert Andy Leonard.

Andy Leonard

Prevent 'Fake News' in Your Data! Isolation Levels Demystified (Audience: DBA; Developer)

Learn how choose the right isolation levels to stomp out bad data, based on business requirements and performance needs.

Kendra Little

Advanced R (Audience: BI/Analytics Practitioner; Analyst)

If you're thinking about starting a real data science project, you're ready to learn beyond the basics of the language and SQL Server support for it. This one-day seminar teaches you how to use R for intermediate and advanced data manipulation, visualization, and analysis.

Dejan Sarka

21 Essential Scripts: Jump-Start Performance Tuning for Accidental DBAs (Audience: DBA)

If you are an "Accidental DBA", attend this pre-conference session to learn how to use 21 different essential scripts to identify and resolve daily real-world performance problems.

Pinal Dave

The Latest and Greatest on Azure IAAS and PAAS: A Demo-Filled Workshop (Audience: Architect; DBA)

Learn about the latest and greatest updates to the Azure Platform IaaS and PaaS services, giving you all the required knowledge you need to start architecting and deploying Azure resources as soon as you are back in the office, with confidence.

Peter De Tender

Developer Dive into Azure Cosmos DB (Audience: Developer)

Learn how to build modern web and mobile applications using Azure Cosmos DB: Microsoft’s massively scalable, globally distributed, multi-model database service.

Leonard Lobel

Performance Tuning in 21 Demos​ (Audience: DBA; Developer)

You’re a developer or DBA who wants to tune indexes and queries to make your application go faster.

Brent Ozar and Erik Darling

Master Git in a Day (Audience: Developer)

Git is the most popular SCM system today, but making the switch can be painful. We’ll explain concepts as we walk through beginner to advanced exercises.

Lyndsey Padget

Professional and Proficient PowerShell: From Writing Scripts to Developing Solutions (Audience: DBA; Developer)

Take your PowerShell skills to the next level. Broaden your skill set and understand how you can approach any task, on any technology, with PowerShell.

Rob Sewell

SentryOne Data Day

Join SentryOne data experts for this one-day deep dive into data performance management that will transform your company’s approach to developing, testing, documenting, and monitoring SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform.

SentryOne Team

Fixing Query Performance Problems from Estimates, Statistics, Heuristics, and Cardinality (Audience: DBA; Architect)

If you want to understand and troubleshoot properly to SOLVE a myriad of performance problems caused by poor estimates, this is the place to be!

Kimberly Tripp

Modernize your SQL Server with Bob Ward, the Tiger Team, and CSS Escalation Engineers (Audience: DBA)

Join Bob Ward, the Tiger Team, and top CSS Escalation Engineers for a day of learning covering modernization, migration, security, troubleshooting and performance.

Bob Ward

The Art & Science of Designing Smart Data Stories (Audience: Analyst)

Whether you are a BI beginner or veteran, this 100% hands-on, non technical workshop will teach you how to take KPI/metrics and transform them into a compelling data story.

Mico Yuk