Community Call for Speakers

Thank you for your interest in speaking at PASS Summit 2017. Call for Speakers is now closed.

The deadline for abstract submission was Wednesday, May 24 at 21:00 UTC


PASS Summit Tracks

PASS Summit program tracks are now based on the way you approach your job on a day-to-day basis. The new technical tracks include: Design, Build, Support, Perform, Scale, and Analyze. While we are not accepting abstracts for the two inspirational tracks of Evolve and Innovate which focus on professional development and forward thinking technology guidance, we would love to hear about your session ideas. Please email us.

How to Submit

  1. Login to your PASS membership account. (If you don't have one, register for one now)
  2. Review the Definitions and FAQ pages.
  3. Fill out your Personal Details before submitting any abstracts. Ensure your bio conveys key areas of data related expertise and years of data related experience.
  4. Read and digitally sign the Speaker Agreement before submitting any abstracts. 
  5. Submit your abstracts*.

*Submitted abstracts will be considered. Saved abstracts are not considered submitted.

Guidelines for Submitting

  1. Choose a Technology Focus

    We ask that you select a technology focus for your submissions. Here is the approximate spread of call for speakers abstracts the committee is looking for:

    Technology Focus % of Sessions
    Database Administration & Development 60%
    Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing 20%
    Advanced Analytics 10%
    Cloud Solutions 5%
    Big Data & IoT 5%
  2. Hot Topics

    We have indicated certain "hot topics" with an asterisk. While sessions associated with hot topics are needed to balance out the Summit Program, sessions submitted under other topics are also absolutely needed and are welcome. All abstracts and topics will be considered. Your best bet is to submit content you are passionate about that showcases your expertise. You can see all of the technology focuses and hot topics here.

  3. Session Submission Meter

    Keep an eye on the new session submission meter for an at-a-glance view of the number of abstracts that have been submitted per technology focus.

  4. Submitted Abstracts

    All abstracts that have been completed and submitted will be displayed here.

Speaker Experience

Please ensure your bio conveys your key area of data related expertise and number of years of data related experience. Please fill in your speaking experience in the Experience tab on the Personal Details page as submitters are required to have at least three prior speaking engagements. These can include any other past public speaking events, including previous PASS Summit conferences, SQLSaturday events, virtual events, or any other non-PASS events or conferences. You may also include a video link of a previous presentation or personal introduction. Visit our FAQ page for additional details.

Good Luck with Your Submissions!