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Immerse yourself in the PASS Summit experience with new and updated learning focused on the way you work with data. Our tracks represent how you interconnect with data on a day-to-day basis for learning that you simply can't get anywhere else.

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Foundational Tracks


The first step in a data project is designing the solution – planning, scoping and identifying business requirements. This track includes sessions on architecture, infrastructure, data warehousing, ETL and data models.


Building and developing a technology solution is where the planning and design take form. This track covers the critical areas of creating solutions, including development, security, debugging, implementation, and testing.


Maintaining and supporting database systems and solutions is crucial for business efficiency. This track focuses on the more administrative but no less important aspects of database system maintenance including monitoring, upgrades, and migrations.


After a solution is in place, it must be fine-tuned and optimized for performance. This track includes sessions on troubleshooting, DevOps, performance testing, packaging, release, and speed.


A data system is under constant pressure to accommodate a growing number of users, sessions, loads, transactions, and operations. This track includes sessions on cloud, availability, replication, agile, and Big Data.


Analyzing critical business data is imperative for organizations today. This track focuses on how to ask questions of data through reports, analytics, dashboards, data visualization, and data science.

Inspirational Tracks


The Evolve track is designed to inspire data professionals to proactively manage their career growth and journey. This track provides interactive sessions that challenge data professionals to think differently about their careers, and learn what is needed to succeed today and in the future


Staying current with trends enables data professionals to bring leadership and guidance back to their companies and plan for innovation. This track includes sessions on planning for the near future along with a look inside innovation being developed by forward-thinking companies.