Pre-Conference Sessions

Make the most of your experience at PASS Summit with a full-day hands-on pre-conference session.* 

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*Select up to 2 pre-conference sessions during registration or add to an existing registration by emailing Shannon Killian or calling 888.714.5544. An additional fee is required to attend a pre-conference session.

Mastering T-SQL Querying Fundamentals

Build a strong foundation that any T-SQL practitioner should master. Learn about logical query processing - the most critical aspect of T-SQL - and cover off on fundamentals of query constructs.

Itzik Ben-Gan

Azure Infrastructure

Design your Azure infrastructure properly from the get-go by gaining a solid understanding of the various infrastructure components that make up the Microsoft Azure platform.

Joseph D'Antoni

Applied Data Science for the SQL Server Professional

Demystify the data science process and approach to solving complex data problems. Learn to create advanced analytical functions and apply them in SQL Server 2016 or 2017 using R and Python.

Ginger Grant

Advanced SQL Server Availability and Storage Solutions SOLD OUT

Bring your own computer for hands-on learning that covers the latest SQL Server availability and storage solutions including how to plan, deploy, and administer them.

Allan Hirt

Modern Web API Design

This workshop explores how developers and database architects can surface practical interfaces to applications and data in the modern cloud-based world of microservices.

Jeremy Likness

Data Modeling with Power BI

Understand the basic techniques of shaping data models in Power BI and assess real-world examples that will show how, with the right data model, the correct answer is always a simple one.

Marco Russo

Solving Common Performance Problems Using Query Store

Dive into the one of the game-changing new features of SQL Server 2016: Query Store and walk away with the skills to find and leverage important information to make query tuning easier.

Erin Stellato

Build .NET Applications to Access Data using Entity Framework

Take a deep-dive into Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core and understand how both can be used to access data as part of a comprehensive full-stack web application written in .NET.

Sidney Andrews

Virtual SQL Servers: Right to Ludicrous Speed

New to virtualization, infrastructure, and cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service concepts? Familiarize yourself  with the concept and purposes of virtualization and how it benefits you as a data professional.

David Klee

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Community-proven PowerShell Solutions for Every Data Platform Pro SOLD OUT

Bring your laptop for this hands-on PowerShell experience. Learn to create your own PowerShell solutions or leverage prepackaged community fixes to solve your most annoying data-related problems.

Chrissy LeMaire

Columnstore Indexes - Practical Solutions & Techniques

Get insight on why and when you should use Columnstore Indexes, and when to take a step back and use a different type of technology. We’ll also look at how to load data into Columnstore in the most efficient way and how to get the best performance possible out of the Batch Execution Mode.

Niko Neugebauer

Expert Performance Tuning for SQL Server 2016 & 2017 SOLD OUT

Future-proof your tuning skills by learning in-depth techniques to tune SQL Server leveraging DMVs, query plans, and free scripts that are readily available.

Brent Ozar

Modern Reporting with SQL Server 2016 and 2017 Reporting Services

Explore new capabilities of SSRS in SQL Server 2016 and 2017 and learn to integrate modern reporting into your data platform.

Paul Turley

Loading And Transforming Data In Power BI And Power Query

Understand how to use the ‘Get Data’ functionality to connect to multiple data sources and learn how to shape your data appropriately for Power BI/Power Pivot.

Chris Webb

Visual Data Storytelling: How to Tell a Compelling Story that Matters to your Users SOLD OUT

Understand the fundamentals of storyboarding and learn proven BI dashboard methodologies for more advanced techniques. You’ll go beyond KPIs and metrics and walk away with data insights and actions.

Mico Yuk

SentryOne Performance Boot Camp

Already a customer or considering adopting our solutions? This full-day pre-con– taught by our product and engineering teams – will give you in-depth knowledge of SentryOne products and services.

John Martin, Greg Gonzalez, Richard Douglas, Lori Edwards and Scott Fallen