Pre-Conference Sessions

Make the most of your experience at PASS Summit with a full-day hands-on pre-conference session. Select when registering or to add a pre-conference session to your existing registration, please call Shannon Cunningham at 888.714.5544. Note: Additional registration fee is required for the pre-conference sessions.

The following sessions are SOLD OUT:

"AlmostOn: Troubleshooting Clustered Implementations of SQL Server" with Allan Hirt 


Monday, October 24, 2016

High Performance T-SQL for the Experienced Database Practitioner (AD-316-PC)
You’re a database practitioner with several years of experience writing lots of T-SQL code, but...
Itzik Ben-Gan

Effective Data Visualization with SQL 2016 - Data Near and Far (BID-311-PC)
BI Information Delivery
This day-long session will explore the data visualization tools available through SQL Server 2016....
Brian Larson

Dimensional Modeling: From Zero to Hero (BIA-104-PC)
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Dimensional modeling is arguably one of the most important fundamentals of business intelligence....
Jason Horner

What's New for BI in SQL Server 2016? (BIA-208-PC)
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
SQL Server 2016 offers many new BI features! Are you ready? In this workshop, we explore the many...
Stacia Varga

AlmostOn: Troubleshooting Clustered Implementations of SQL Server (DBA-404-PC)
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Server down situations are stressful for everyone. Every second counts as you struggle to get...
Allan Hirt

Dr. DMV: How to Use DMVs to Diagnose Performance Problems (DBA-330-PC)
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
SQL Server 2005 introduced Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) that allow you to see exactly what is...
Glenn Berry

SentryOne Performance Boot Camp (DBA-218-PC)
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Enlist in the SentryOne Boot Camp! Attend this full day pre-con to gain in depth knowledge of...
Greg Gonzalez, David Benoit, Jason Hall, John Martin, Lori Edwards, Mike Wood, Scott Fallen

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

SQL Server Index Formulas: Problems and Solutions (AD-317-PC)
Every SQL Server developer must know the essentials of clustered and non-clustered index design to...
Kendra Little

Create a Power BI Solution in One Day (BID-212-PC)
BI Information Delivery
In this full-day seminar, you are guided in creating a complete analytical solution, using all the...
Marco Russo

Microsoft BI in a Day (BIA-326-PC)
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Data is everywhere. It’s coming from every device, web page, application, and system in your...
Adam Saxton, Patrick LeBlanc

Boost SQL Server Performance to the Next Level with IDERA (DBA-219-PC)
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Randy Jacops, IDERA CEO, along with multiple members of the IDERA product team and IDERA ACEs, will...
Randy Jacops, Bullett Manale, Mark Slavens, Scott Stone, Stan Geiger, Thomas LeBlanc, Vicky Harp

Locking, Blocking, Versions: Concurrency for Maximum Performance (DBA-331-PC)
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Failing to design an application with concurrency in mind, and failure to test an application with...
Kalen Delaney

The Complete Primer to SQL Server Virtualization (DBA-220-PC)
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Your SQL Servers are probably virtualized at this point, but do you feel you have lost that control...
David Klee