Learning Focus

With so many great sessions to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the ones best suited to your professional development goals and interests. Learning Focus is designed to help categorize sessions and make choosing easier. See a description below and when browsing the sessions, you can filter based on the area of interest.


These sessions are appropriate for beginners in either SQL Server technology, or the technologies and concepts presented in the session. No prior understanding is necessary to gain insights in these sessions.

Big Data

Whether Hadoop or other technologies, Big Data is designed to maximize value from data sources not bound by traditional OLTP rules.


These sessions detail some aspect of cloud technologies, regardless of the session level.


These sessions teach attendees about techniques for migrating data effectively in ETL environments.


These sessions focus on high availability and/or disaster recovery technologies and methods. Topics can be broad as there are many tools available.


Sessions cover hardware (CPU, Disk, Memory or other hardware), and Virtualization (VMware, HyperV, as well as Azure VMs and Amazon EC2), and aim to help you to be more effective working with the environment SQL Server relies upon.


These sessions help attendees gain better performance out of their systems, whether it's on server configuration, query tuning, performance monitoring, or automation.

Power BI

These sessions are related to Power BI, as this is an area that everyone, not just Business Intelligence professionals, will benefit from.


Since Microsoft designated PowerShell as part of their Common Engineering Criteria for all server products, it's become a focus for automating processes.


With all the reports of data loss, security is more important than ever. These sessions address improving the security of applications and server environments.

SQL Server 2016

On June 1, 2016, Microsoft released SQL Server 2016. These sessions are focus on the features of this new version.


Transact-SQL is the principal language for SQL Server. These sessions help you use it to greater advantage.

Database Design/Modeling

When built properly, databases can provide excellent performance with clear results. The sessions detail best practices in database design.


What good is all the data without ways of finding interesting correlations? Sessions cover data analysis and tools to help improve processes.


Without ways to visualize results, it's all just numbers. These sessions are focused on visualizing data and the tools you can use to present those visualizations.