Day 1
October 26


Joseph Sirosh

Corporate Vice President of the Data Group,

A.C.I.D. Intelligence

The cloud is truly becoming the “brain” for our connected planet. You’re not just running algorithms in the cloud, rather you’re connecting that with data from sensors from around the world. By bringing data into the cloud, you can integrate all of the information, apply Machine Learning and AI on top of that, and deliver apps that are continuously learning and evolving in the cloud. Consequently, the devices and applications connected to cloud are learning and becoming increasingly intelligent. Please join Dr. Joseph Sirosh, CVP of Data Group at Microsoft, on a journey through the core new patterns that are emerging as we bring advanced intelligence, the cloud, IoT and Big Data together.

Day 2
October 27


David Dewitt

David DeWitt

Adjunct Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

Data Warehousing in the Cloud

In this thought-provoking keynote, Dr. DeWitt will span eight years, reaching from his first keynote at PASS Summit 2008 through to PASS Summit 2016, talking about the enormous change that has occurred in data warehousing and parallel database systems during this time. Dr. DeWitt’s talk will begin by reviewing the fundamental parallel database techniques that are employed by each of the scalable data warehousing SAAS services, including Microsoft’s SQL Data Warehouse, Amazon Redshift™, Databricks™, and the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse™ service. He will then compare and contrast how these techniques are embodied by the different offerings and how that impacts their capabilities. Dr. DeWitt is very excited to return to PASS Summit and deliver the Day 2 Keynote. As usual with his keynotes, there will be a quiz at the end.

Women in Technology Luncheon

October 27


Kelly Lockwood Primus

Kelly Lockwood Primus

Senior Vice President
of Strategic Client Solutions, 
Leading Women

Leadership, The Missing 33%TM and Career Success for Women

Kelly Primus, Senior Vice President of Strategic Client Solutions at Leading Women, a global management consulting company that supports corporate initiatives to advance women and close their leadership gender gap, will present Leading Women’s research on Leadership, what’s missing from conventional career advice (The Missing 33%), and the barriers women face in achieving executive positions.

Leading Women’s research has identified the 9 critical differentiators for moving from middle management into senior and executive positions. During this luncheon, you will learn what these 9 critical differentiators are and how to integrate them into your career development.

Women in Technology Luncheon is proudly sponsored by: