We look forward to welcoming you back to PASS Summit! 


What’s New for PASS Summit 2016 

Connect with your community at PASS Summit 2016. Every year thousands of our PASS Summit Alumni return to reconnect with networks, update their training and stay current on industry trends! 

In 2016 we have a new line-up of speakers, SQL Server 2016 content, new keynote speakers, plus Learning Focuses to keep you on track with your training objectives. 

You asked - we delivered... 

Thanks to the feedback and comments we received from PASS Summit 2015, we've made the following program changes for 2016:

  • More advanced sessions (Level 400 / 500)

  • New speakers 

  • New learning focus

  • More hands-on and deep-dive sessions.

Top 5 reasons to return to PASS Summit

  1. Reconnect:- Thousands of our PASS Summit Alumni will be back in 2016. Get reacquainted with past connections and make new ones!

  2. Stay current: The technology world for data professionals is changing, find out what's new and what's coming up.

  3. Try something new: Didn't get to any BI sessions last year? Why not try a new track or use our Learning Focuses to build your knowledge on a different topics.

  4. SQL Clinic: Have a technical question, a troubleshooting challenge, want to have an architecture discussion, or want to find best ways to upgrade your SQL Server – SQL Clinic is the place you want to be at. SQL Clinic is the hub of technical experts from SQLCAT, Tiger team, SQL product engineers, CSS and others.

  5. Community: PASS Summit is the global gathering of data professionals worldwide. Don't miss out!