Speaker Idol 

Have you always wanted to speak at PASS Summit? Ready to take your oration skills to the next level? Then get ready, contestants! PASS Summit 2015 will host the second annual Speaker Idol: 12 contestants will test their speaking skills and compete for a guaranteed session at PASS Summit 2016. (Last year’s winner, Pieter Vanhove, will be presenting “Run Your DBA Morning Checklist with Policy-Based Management” in this year’s Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment track.)

The judges for PASS Summit Speaker Idol 2015 are:

  • Mark Simms
  • Joey D’Antoni
  • Allan Hirt
  • André Kamman
  • Hope Foley
  • Karen López (final session only)

The 12 people who are competing (in no specific order) are:

  • Luciano Caixeta Moreira
  • Rob Volk
  • Todd Kleinhans
  • Ronald Dameron
  • Amy Herold
  • William Durkin
  • Ginger Grant
  • Bill Wolf
  • Theresa Iserman
  • Ed Watson
  • Wes Springob
  • David Maxwell