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Post-Conference News/Recaps


PASS President's Keynote Review

Notes from the PASS Summit Keynote (Thomas LaRock)

PASS Summit 2015: Day 3

7 Days of PASS – Day 5 (Mark Broadbent)
PASS Summit 2015 – Friday (Day 3) – Final Day (Slava Murygin)
PASS 2015 Session Report – Azure SQL DW Integration with the Azure Ecosystem & End of PASS 2015 (Rolf Tesmer)
From PASS Summit to MVP Summit (Guy Glantser)


PASS Summit 2015: Day 2

PASS Summit 2015 - Keynote 2 (Rob Farley)
SQLSUG – Dansker Aften – PASS Summit 2015 (Jørgen Guldmann)
SQL PASS Summit 2015 - Day 2 (Phil Hummel)
Live Blogging PASS Summit Keynote October 29 (Kathi Kellenberger)
PASS Summit 2015 - Thursday (Day 2) (Slava Murygin)
PASS Summit – les premiers retours – J1 (Jean-Pierre Riehl)
Live Blogging PASS Summit Key Note 2015 (Mickey Stuewe)
PASS Summit 2015 - Keynote Day 2 (Allen White)
PASS Summit Keynote Day 2 - Recap (Chris Yates)
PASS Summit 2015 Women in Technology Luncheon Live Blog (Mark Vallaincourt)
PASS Summit 2015: Women in Technology Luncheon (Erin Stellato)
My Favorite Moments from the 2015 PASS Summit WIT Lunch (Kendra Little)
PASS Summit 2015 WiT lunch (Rob Farley)
7 Days of PASS – Day 4 (Mark Broadbent)
PASS Summit Key Note Day 2 – Recap (Chris Yates)

PASS Summit 2015: Day 1

7 Days of PASS - Day 3 (Mark Broadbent)
PASS Summit 2015 Keynote 1 (Reza Rad)
PASS Summit 2015 Keynote - Day 1 (Kevin Kline)
PASS Summit 2015 Day 1 Recap (Tim Mitchell)
PASS Summit 2015 - Tuesday (Day -1) (Slava Murygin)
PASS Summit 2015: Day 1 (Erin Stellato)
Foundation Session with Corporate VP Joseph Sirosh on October 28 at PASS Summit (SQL Server Team)
PASS Summit 2015 Keynote Live Blog - Day 1 (Mark Vaillancourt)
PASS Summit 2015 - Keynote Day 1 (Allen White)


PASS Summit: Pre-Cons

7 Days of PASS - Day 2 (Mark Broadbent)
7 Days of PASS - Day 1 (Mark Broadbent)
PASS Speaker Idol at PASS (Ginger Grant)
Onsite Board Meeting: 2016 Portfolio Announcements (Adam Jorgensen)
#Biml at the PASS Summit 2015 (Andy Leonard)
The PASS Summit Backpack (Denise McInerney)
PASS 2015 First Impressions (Andrew Pruski)


Countdown to PASS Summit 2015


Community Blogs

Caja de Herramientas (SQL Server) (Enrique Argüelles)
SQL Server Pass Summit 2015 in October (Gé Brander)
The 2nd Annual PASS Summit Bloggers Meetup (2015) (Alex Gorbachev)
PASS Summit is back! Looks into the 2015 edition! #Summit15 (Sergio Govoni)
Why you should be at PASS Summit 2015 (Manohar Punna) 
Top 10 Ways to Create Your Meet and Greet List for Summit (Mickey Stuewe)
PASS Summit 2015! (Microsoft TechNet Radio)
PASS Summit 2015: What to look for (Michael Morisy)
Time for the 2015 PASS Summit! (Brandon Preece)
Counting Down to PASS Summit 2015 (Jeff Pries)
PASS Summit 2015 (SQLHA)
What to expect at PASS Summit 2015, the world’s biggest SQL Server event! (SQL Server Team)
Pragmatic Works at PASS Summit 2015 (Devon Stiles)
A Handful of SQL PASS #Summit15 Tips (Ed Watson)
Heading To PASS Summit 2015 – Now What? (Chris Yates) 

Speaker Blogs

Dad, Successful Project, Linchpin, PASS Summit 2015 (Bill Anton)
SQL PASS Summit 2015: Pre-Con and more (Amit Banerjee)
MSSQLTIGER at SQL PASS Summit 2015 (Amit Banerjee)
Seattle, here we come! (Chris Bell)
SQL PASS Summit 2015 Karaoke Party (Denny Cherry)
Want to speak at the PASS Summit, but haven’t been selected? (Denny Cherry)
Top 5 Things You'll Learn From my PASS Summit Session (Ike Ellis)
PASS Summit 2015 - I have a Lightning Talk! (Rick Heiges)
PASS Summit 2015 Preview (Thomas LaRock)
PASS Summit 2015 (Thomas LeBlanc)
Attending PASS Summit? Take a great Tuesday precon! (Jen McCown)
PASS Summit 2015: Recommendations and Invitations (#sqlpass #Summit15) (Jen McCown)
SQLCAT @PASS Summit 2015 (Sanjay Mishra)
My PASS Summit 2015 (Niko Neugebauer)
Speaking at PASS Summit 2015 (Niko Neugebauer)
My Thrilling #SQLYear 2015! (Wolfgang Strasser)
Experiences of Submitting a PASS 2015 Session (Rolf Tesmer)
House Price Predictions @ PASS 2015 (Rolf Tesmer)
4 reasons to subscribe for Speaker Idol at PASS Summit 2015 (Pieter Vanhove)
Business Intelligence (BI) blog for Microsoft BI technologies and integration into custom applications (Steve Wake)
Are You Going To PASS Summit 2015? I Need Your Help! (Chris Webb)
Ready for PASS Summit 2015? (Cathrine Wilhelmsen)
PASS Summit 2015 Session Catalog (Jens Vestergaard)
Achievement unlocked “Speaker” (Melody Zacharias)

Speaker Q&As

Ryan Adams
Jes Borlund
Warner Chaves
Denny Cherry
Michael Fal
Argenis Fernandez
Guy Glantser
Allan Hirt
Kathi Kellenberger
Dmitri Korotkevitch
Niko Neugebauer
Edward Pollack
Reza Rad
Mickey Stuewe
Paul Turley
Mark Vaillancourt
Melody Zacharias


PASS Preview: Best of PASS Summit 2014


A First Timer’s Lessons Learned at PASS Summit 2014 - Derik Hammer
Amazing Week at PASS Summit 2014 - Kirsten Benzel
Du Nouveau Autour de Microsoft BI À L’Occasion Du PASS Summit 2014 - Philippe Nieuwbourg
First PASS Summit 15 Blog Post - Tobiasz Koprowski
Going MCP at SQL PASS Summit 2014: Matt's Story (video) - Microsoft Learning
My First Timer Experience at PASS - Manohar Punna
My Summary of PASS Summit 2014 - Guy Glantser
My 3 Favorite Sessions at PASS Summit 2014 - Denis Gobo
News from PASS Summit ’14 for Business Analytics Professionals - Paras Doshi
PASS Speaker Idol 2014 Review and Notes - Denny Cherry
PASS Summit Memories - Kathi Kellenberger
PASS Summit – We’ll See You Next Year! - SQLDBAPros
PASS Summit 2014 Follow Up & Pictures - Dan English
PASS Summit 2014 in Review - Devin Knight
PASS Summit 2014: My Favorite Sessions of This Great Event - David Barbarin
PASS Summit 2014 (photos) - Pat Wright
PASS Summit 2014 Recap - Adam Belebczuk
PASS Summit 2014 Recap - Niko Neugebauer
PASS Summit 2014 Speaker Idol – A Judge’s Perspective - Joey D'Antoni
PASS Summit 2014…. 3rd Year! - Jason Clements
PASS Summit 2014 #summit14 #sqlfamily - Steve Wake
Reflections on PASS Summit 2014 - Brian Larson
SQL PASS Summit 2014 Great Success! - Doug Hoogervorst
SQL Server Radio Show 9 – PASS Summit 2014 Recap (podcast) - Matan Yungman
Summit 2014 - Angela Henry
Survey Says: The PASS Summit 2014 Session Ratings & Comments - Brent Ozar


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