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Crystal to SSRS Conversion and SSRS Ad Hoc Web Reporting Launched at PASS Summit 2013

CHARLOTTE, NC — October 16, 2013 — At PASS Summit 2013, Crystal Migration Services Corp today announced the launch of two products: Crystal Reports to SSRS conversion and SSRS Ad Hoc Web Reporting.

PASS Summit 2013 attendees will be the first to witness the official unveiling of a new generation of Microsoft SQL Server add-on tools. The Crystal to SSRS Conversion Solution is the #1 choice to help Crystal Reports customers move away from the SAP Business Object BI platform and take advantage of new features in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). The second product, the SSRS Ad Hoc Web Reporting solution, provides the easiest way to create and view SSRS reports from the Web. A well formatted SSRS report can be created from Web in just a few clicks.

“Building on the already overwhelming success of our Crystal Reports to SSRS migration, our automatic conversion tool can convert most Crystal Reports to SSRS perfectly. Features like crosstabs, charts, complicated formulas, running totals, specified order grouping, and parameters can all be automatically converted,” said George Su, Crystal Migration Services CTO. “Our SSRS Ad Hoc Web Reporting will bring even more value to the Microsoft SQL Server community and make data professionals more productive. It has greatly simplified the way to create and view SSRS reports from web. So it’s a must-have toolset for SQL Server Business Intelligence customers.”

As a global leader in Crystal Reports to SSRS migration, Crystal Migration Services Corp provides best-in-breed report conversions to companies across the globe. Their leading-edge software services can transform legacy Crystal Reports into Microsoft Reporting Services faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost than anyone else in the industry. Many customers have been locked in to the Business Objects BI platform because of having too many legacy Crystal Reports, requiring time-consuming and costly conversions from Crystal Reports to SSRS. With Crystal Migration Services, these customers now have the freedom to take advantage of the new BI features in SSRS, such as Power View, Data Visualizations, and Data Alerts, and can move to SSRS quickly and easily. Usually, a Crystal Reports file can be converted to SSRS in literally one second with amazing accuracy, and be ready to use with little or no manual fixing.

Crystal Migration Services' commitment to providing high quality software has been extended through today’s launch of their Crystal to SSRS conversion solution, providing the following benefits to the SQL Server community:

  • Quickly convert all your Crystal Reports to SSRS and consolidate your reporting to SSRS.
  • Unbelievable Accuracy: For regular reports requiring only SSRS-supported features, our Advanced Automatic Conversion can be over 99% accurate! Often, our converted reports are ready to use with little or no manual tweaking.
  • Rapid Conversion Services: Most reports can be converted in one second!
  • Your Data stays secure, not exposed: We usually do not need your database for the Advanced or Full conversions.
  • Proven Success with customers around the world: Our customers come from all sectors: government, software, finance, banking, insurance, etc. No matter which business you are in and how complicated your reports may be, we can convert you.
  • Get a Free sample conversion and see: you can send any report for us to convert. Complexity is no problem.

Our SSRS Ad Hoc Web Reporting lets any user easily create SSRS reports from Web. You can even use your tablet to create well formatted SSRS reports. Some benefits to SQL Server customers are as follows:

  • Quickly create SSRS reports from Web. You don’t need know how to connect to database, how to join tables, or how to write SQL code. The Report query will be generated in only a few clicks.
  • The SSRS reports created can be ready to upload to Report Server or Microsoft SharePoint, and are good for both the Web and printing.
  • View existing SSRS reports easily: we’ve already taken care of the report parameters, subreports, and data sources.
  • The backend database can be SQL Server, or any database supported by the .NET framework.
  • It’s based on SSRS and .NET, so is very easy to integrate into your systems.

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An innovative service provider specializing in migrating SAP Crystal Reports to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (RPT to RDL), Crystal Migration Services is dedicated to supporting the Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence community through its well-known line of Crystal to SSRS Conversion Services and its SSRS Ad Hoc Web Reporting solutions. Our leading-edge Crystal to SSRS conversion services can transform legacy Crystal Reports into SQL Server Reporting Services faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost than anyone else in the industry. We also have SSRS Ad Hoc Reporting, allowing customers to create SSRS from the web and easily run existing SSRS reports. For additional information on Crystal Migration Services, please visit the web site at

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