Here are just a few quotes from past attendees:

My first PASS Summit experience was unbelievable! I appreciated the efforts made with the first timers and felt a real sense of belonging to a larger community.”

The Community vibe was strongly felt and very energizing.”

“PASS Summit was not only a great tech training event, but empowering in terms of professional development. I was very impressed at the emphasis on networking and career topics.”

“I was feeling burned out on my career and this trip to the PASS Summit completely rejuvenated me and reminded me why I got into this field in the first place. The speakers were top notch and the event was very well planned, organized and executed. I'll be there next year regardless if the company pays or I pay from my own pocket.”

“This was an amazing opportunity to have been exposed to so much SQL Server content in one location. The speakers were excellent, the venue was great, and the opportunities to learn and network were just incredible.”

“PASS Summit is definitely the best tech conference I have ever attended.”

“Once again, the PASS Summit delivered a premium standard of SQL Server training. I would definitely recommend PASS Summit to other SQL Server professionals.”

“What a terrific week! The PASS Summit was educational, informative, and fun! Every time slot had a seminar I wanted to attend. In fact, the hardest part was choosing one seminar over another in the same time slot.”

“Love the event, love the people, love the place, and love the sessions.”

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