PASS Summit 2011: Pre-Conference Sessions

Join us for in-depth, full-day training classes delivered by some of the leading SQL Server and business intelligence experts in the SQL Server community. Choose from 15 top-notch PASS Summit 2011 Pre-Conference Seminars slated for Monday, Oct. 10, and Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011.

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Application and Database Development
BI Architecture, Development and Administration Topics
BI Client Reporting and Delivery Topics
Enterprise Database Administration and Deployment
Professional Development

Application and Database Development

Advanced T-SQL for SQL Server 2008 and Denali (AD-499-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. You’re a T-SQL developer or DBA and you learned most of what...
Itzik Ben-Gan

All about Execution Plans (AD-399-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required . The key to understanding how SQL Server is processing your...
Gail Shaw, Grant Fritchey

Fixing Queries With Advanced T-SQL Constructs (AD-498-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. Have you inherited queries that are not your own, and are...
Rob Farley

BI Architecture, Development and Administration Topics

MDX, DAX, and DMX: An Introduction to the Languages of BI  (BIA-298-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. To get the most of the presentation layer tools in the...
Stacia Varga

A Day of SSIS in the Enterprise (BIA-399-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. In this day-long seminar, SQL Server MVPs Andy Leonard and Tim...
Andy Leonard, Tim Mitchell

Building a Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform (BIA-299-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. In this session, you'll learn from author and SQL Server MVP...
Brian Knight, Devin Knight

BI Client Reporting and Delivery Topics

Advanced Reporting Services (BID-499-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. The Advanced Reporting Services Seminar will enable you to...
Simon Sabin

Enterprise Database Administration and Deployment

A Deep Dive into AlwaysOn: Failover Clustering and Availability Groups (DBA-499-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. When it comes to the availability landscape, Denali changes...
Allan Hirt

After 7 Hours You Won't Be Able To Shut Up About PowerShell Either (DBA-299-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. Think you’re too busy to learn PowerShell? Even a little...
Aaron Nelson

Extended Events Deep Dive (DBA-498-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. At PASS 2010 after the public release of CTP1 of SQL Server...
Jonathan Kehayias

No More Guessing! An Enlightened Approach to Performance Troubleshooting (DBA-399-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. Scratching your head, you stare at the screen. Should you...
Adam Machanic

Secrets of the SQLOS – Leveraging Microsoft SQL Server Internal Operating System for Improved Scalability and Performance (DBA-497-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. Delivered by an expert on the subject, this seminar will make...
Maciej Pilecki

Virtualization and SAN Basics for DBAs (DBA-398-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. These two technologies can make a very big – and very bad –...
Brent Ozar

Winning with Kerberos (DBA-496-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. We will dive into how Kerberos works and what types of...
Adam Saxton

Professional Development

Networking to Build Business Contacts (Special 2-hr Workshop) (PD-200-P)
Pre-con Registration is Required. Are you attending the PASS SUMMIT for the first time, consider...
Don Gabor



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■ Networking with MVPs, experts, and peers

■ Face-to-face support with     Microsoft CSS and SQLCAT

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