Kaminario to Introduce New All Solid-state SAN Storage System with Media Freedom of Choice at PASS Summit 2011

Attendees Will Learn How the Enterprise-Grade K2 Hybrid Delivers Fast, Reliable and Cost-Effective Application Performance

NEWTON, MA – October 11, 2011 – Kaminario, a leading provider of high performance all solid-state SAN storage solutions, will introduce its recently-announced next generation K2 high performance, highly available and ultra-low latency storage solutions at PASS Summit 2011.   

The new Kaminario K2 is the first enterprise-grade, all solid-state SAN storage solution to offer a choice of high-speed, solid-state media (DRAM and/or Flash) in a single system without compromising on enterprise-class speed, self-healing high availability or ease of use. The new Kaminario K2 maximizes productivity by increasing the performance of high-I/O and latency sensitive Microsoft SQL Server applications at less than the cost of legacy SAN storage.

“Within a single storage array, SQL Server users have the freedom to choose the best mix of solid-state media for their needs today and then add additional media types to the same system as their needs grow and change,” said Gareth Taube, vice president of marketing at Kaminario.  “The Kaminario K2 all solid-state SAN storage provides a level of flexibility, scalability and investment protection that is not available with any other solid-state solution on the market.”

Kaminario offers this media freedom of choice as a result of collaboration with Fusion-io and integrating its ioMemory Flash technology in the K2 all solid-state SAN storage and Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture (SPEAR).  Combining Fusion-io’s best-in-class solid-state technology with the K2 enterprise-grade, all solid-state SAN storage solution provides enterprises with the extremely fast, reliable and cost-effective performance they need for Microsoft SQL Server applications that are I/O bound and incur high I/O wait times.
Kaminario and Fusion-io are also teaming up to bring the Kaminario K2 family of products into joint customer environments, such as Managed Health Care Associates (MHA).  The combined efforts reinforce the companies’ commitment to help the SQL Server community obtain high performance and highly available SAN storage at a reasonable price point.

MHA selected the new Kaminario K2 Hybrid all solid-state SAN storage to extend and scale the performance of its database systems. The K2 enabled MHA to increase its database performance by 72 percent and scale those application environments to service more users.

“Kaminario allowed us to scale out to the level of performance and redundancy that we needed to reduce report delivery times,” said Gregory S. Thomas, Vice President of Information Technology, Managed Health Care Associates Inc. “The K2 enabled us to consolidate our database environment onto one fast, reliable and scalable storage system to meet the increasing demands from our users.” 

For more information about PASS Summit 2011 and to get the latest updates from the conference, visit http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/2011.
About Kaminario
Kaminario is a leading supplier of high performance all solid-state SAN storage. Its Kaminario K2 family of SAN storage eliminates I/O bottlenecks and dramatically reduces latency to accelerate critical business applications at a significantly lower cost and smaller footprint than legacy SAN storage. Kaminario uses off-the-shelf blade servers, a revolutionary SPEAR™ storage OS and solid-state media to create blazingly fast, highly available and easy-to-deploy SAN storage. The K2 is the first self-healing, high availability, all solid-state SAN storage to give users the freedom to choose the media (DRAM and/or Flash) for their unique application workloads and budgets. Driven by Kaminario’s innovative Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture™ (SPEAR), the K2 supports millions of IOPS, tens of GB/s of throughput and extremely low latency — and all without compromising on enterprise reliability or ease of use. Kaminario is a fundamentally better way to store and retrieve performance-sensitive data. Kaminario is simply faster. 

Located in Newton, Mass., Kaminario has built a global network of business partners, including Dell Inc., which resells the K2 all solid-state SAN storage. For more information, visit http://www.kaminario.com.

Beth Bryant