Varigence Sponsors the $10,000 Biml Challenge at PASS Summit 2011

SEATTLE, WA – October 11, 2011 – Varigence, a leading provider of business intelligence tools and solutions, has announced the $10,000 Biml Challenge, to be held at PASS Summit 2011 in Seattle, Washington. 
The $10,000 Biml Challenge is a contest that will allow SQL Server professionals to demonstrate their database and business intelligence skills to help them win $10,000. Contestants will have to complete a specified business intelligence task as fast as they can. They'll have at their disposal a preconfigured offline workstation with Varigence's Mist and Biml, as well SQL Server 2008 and BIDS. The contestant who completes the challenge with the fastest time wins the $10,000 prize.
This competition is open only to attendees of PASS Summit 2011 and will be held in the Exhibition Hall of PASS Summit. Attendees can register for the Challenge at registration will also be permitted on-site at the Varigence booth during Exhibition Hall hours. Spots for the challenge are limited and run both days the Exhibition Hall is open.
Competitors who successfully complete the challenge are entered in a separate drawing where two $500 winners will be selected.
"Mist and Biml are incredible tools, and the $10,000 Biml Challenge is a great opportunity for SQL Server professionals to become more familiar with them  while at the same time participating in a great competition," noted Scott Currie, CEO of Varigence.
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