timeXtender 2012 Preview Available

timeXtender, the leading provider of agile ETL and data warehousing software, today announced from PASS Summit 2011 that timeXtender 2012 is available as Community Technology Preview (CTP)

SEATTLE, WA – October 11, 2011 – timeXtender releases the CTP version with support for Microsoft SQL Server Code Name “Denali” to an extensive technical community of current partners and customers. The aim is to involve partners and customers in the development of timeXtender 2012 and to provide them with an opportunity to test timeXtender 2012 in a nonproduction environment.

“We are very excited about timeXtender 2012, which takes our Microsoft SQL Server based agile ETL and data warehousing tool to the next level. This version not only sees support for “Denali”, but it will also enable us to move timeXtender to the cloud,” says Thomas Christiansen, timeXtender CTO. He adds, “We will continue to support timeXtender 4.5, but for a full blown timeXtender experience, timeXtender 2012 is the way to go.”

timeXtender 2012 highlights:

  • Deployment on SQL Server Code Name “Denali” – timeXtender continues its commitment to the latest SQL Server offerings, and timeXtender 2012 offers support for “Denali” - the next version of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • CRM Online Adapter – timeXtender 2012 seamlessly extracts and transforms data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and loads the data into an on-premise data warehouse. Using the adapter, timeXtender connects to CRM Online and pulls data from all standard entities such as accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and so on, as well as from any custom entities and fields.
  • Upload of QuickCube projects directly to the SQL Azure repository – The timeXtender cloud distribution channel known as CubeStore now allows partners to upload QuickCube projects directly from within timeXtender to the Microsoft SQL Azure repository.
  • Optimized multi-user experience – timeXtender 2012 comes with a WorkItem feature that enables concurrent users not only at the project level but also at the item level.

About timeXtender
timeXtender® is a dynamic and innovative software house that develops the tool timeXtender®. The timeXtender tool is a single comprehensive software product that simplifies the implementation of a SQL Server® based ETL and data warehousing process, while complying with the dimensional modeling methodology. timeXtender has been named Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year in Denmark in both 2010 and 2008. Headquartered in Denmark with offices in the USA, Europe and Africa, timeXtender is an international, partner-driven company. www.timeXtender.com

For more information, contact:
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Thomas Christiansen, CTO
Tel: +45 2531 0721