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Program FAQ

Where can I find the speaker’s PPT presentations?
Access the speaker PPT presentations within your Schedule Builder (login required) or from the PASS Summit Content page. Please note that you will need to enter your username and password to access the presentations.

How do I find my username/password?
From the site, click on "Login" in the top right corner and then select "Forgot username/password"

How do I access the mobile program guide?
You will need to download the mobile program guide app to your smartphone and follow the instructions to gain access to schedules, speakers lists, and more from your mobile device.

What if I can't download the mobile program guide app?
You can still access the mobile guide through your browser at

What will be on the PASS Summit 2011 DVD?
The PASS Summit 2011 DVD contains all general and spotlight technical sessions along with the David DeWitt Keynote.

How much is the PASS Summit 2011 DVD and how can I purchase it?
The PASS Summit 2011 DVD costs $125 for attendees if purchased onsite at the registration counter (one per attendee). The cost rises to $195 post-Summit where they'll be available for purchase online at Shipping charges apply ($20 domestic, $25 international). Streaming of the sessions will be made available to attendees 2-4 weeks after Summit.

What will be on the PASS Summit Pre Conference DVDs?
The PASS Summit 2011 Pre Conference DVDs will contain all pre-conference proceedings and will be packaged by track: DBA, BI, App Dev & Mission Critical. 

How much are the PASS Summit Pre Conference DVDs and how can I purchase them?
The PASS Summit 2011 Pre Conference DVDs are packaged by track so you can purchase them individually by track or purchase the entire set. The DVDs are available for purchase at the Registration counter and are only available to Pre Con attendees.

Onsite price: $195 per track or $395 for the complete set (all 4 tracks), available only to pre-conference attendees, cost will increase post-Summit. Shipping charges apply ($20 domestic, $25 international).

When is the SQL Server Deep Dives Vol. 2 book signing?
The book signing will take place on Wednesday, Oct 12, from 1:00 - 1:30pm in the Dining Hall and Friday, Oct 14, from 7:15am - 8:00am in room 211.

Chapter/Volunteer FAQ

How can I start a Chapter?
Starting a PASS Chapter has never been easier. Look up general information about starting a chapter or refer to the PASS Fast Track Chapter Start up Guide.

In order to become and remain an official PASS chapter, all chapters must fulfill the following requirements:
•    Sign and fulfill the Official PASS Chapter Agreement (leadership changes will require a new Chapter Agreement)
•    Post PASS logo, link to the PASS web site, state that they are a PASS Chapter, and promote PASS events that may occur,
•    Attend the Chapter Leadership Meeting at the PASS Community Summit (if they are attending the Summit),
•    Ensure that meetings contain SQL Server content,
•    Inform PASS of any updates pertaining to contact information, change in leadership, and participate in quarterly chapter update reports,
•    Encourage all members to join PASS, membership is free so there is no reason not to join.
Check that there isn’t already one in your local area (check your PASS Summit Program Guide or the PASS Chapter website)
Email Michelle at or Karla at

Where does PASS have Chapters?

For a list if existing chapters, refer to the PASS Summit Program Guide or the PASS Chapter website.

How can I start a Virtual Chapter?
Check PASS Virtual Chapters website to see which Virtual Chapters currently exist or email Karla Landrum at if you'd like to start a new one.

Who do I talk to about volunteering?
The answer depends on the type of volunteering you'd like to get involved in. A good place to start is checking for local chapters and contacting leaders through their websites. Go to our PASS Chapters page to locate your region, then select your city and corresponding link. If chapter does not exist in your local area, check out the Virtual Chapters

Who’s my chapter leader?
Check the PASS Summit Program Guide or the PASS Chapters website, select your region, then click on link to Chapter site. Email Michelle with any questions at

SQLSaturday FAQ

What is a SQLSaturday?
SQLSaturday is a platform for free one-day training events for SQL Server professionals run by volunteers. To support SQLSaturdays, PASS provides:
• web site & email address
•    Administrative tools
•    Event logo

How do I go about organizing a SQLSaturday event? 
The best candidate for hosting a SQLSaturday event is a city that has a reasonably active SQL user group. Check out SQLSaturday website or contact Karla Landrum at for more information.

Is there going to be a SQLSaturday near me?
Check out the event listings on the SQLSaturday website.





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