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Database & Application Development

The following sessions were chosen to be presented at PASS SQLRally Nordic 2011. Click on the links to view specific abstracts or scroll down to see them all:



Selected Sessions

Title: T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server Denali
Speaker: Itzik Ben-Gan
Abstract: This session covers a group of calculations in T-SQL called Window Functions that can help in addressing a wide variety of querying tasks. The session first describes the limitations and shortcomings of traditional, or classic, T-SQL constructs that are used to address common querying tasks. It then explains how window functions address those limitations very elegantly and efficiently. The session describes the gradual improvements in SQL Server's support for window functions initially in SQL Server 2005 and then with more complete support in SQL Server Denali.

Title: Building Large Scale Applications on SQL Azure
Speaker: Cihan Biyikoglu
Abstract: SQL Azure provides the best of breed database service in the cloud to power your applications. In this session we explore the patterns and practices that help you develop and deploy applications that can exploit the full power of the elastic, highly available, and scalable SQL Azure database service. Cihan Biyikoglu will first discuss SQL Azure architecture and how Federations fit in. Following that, Cihan will dive into step by step process for building database tiers that can stretch beyond limitations of a single database in SQL Azure. Cihan will share some of customer stories, and how the new breed of applications designed with Federations can scale to unlimited capacity, gain online elasticity and simplify tenancy model for multi-tenant applications. Federations bring in some of the NoSQL properties into SQL Server as first class citizens and there will be coverage of this as well as part of the talk. If you are looking to build app with big data and big scale in the cloud, this is the talk for you.


Title: Ten Crucial Dev Skills That Will Keep Your DBA Happy
Speaker: Kevin Klein
Abstract: Stereotypes abound for different types of people in the IT world. Developers think DBAs are control freaks. DBAs think developers are unruly cowboys. How do we overcome these differences? If you’re a developer, your best strategy is to manage your DBAs’ anxieties and demonstrate your competence and credibility. Attend this session to learn about 10 techniques that developers can apply to calm their DBAs’ fears and earn their admiration. This session will answer questions like:

- What’s the most common Transact-SQL programming mistake and how do I fix it?
- How do database designers cause problems for future generations of application developers and database administrators?
- Why do inexperienced database administrators make their own job more difficult and less efficient?

There are a short list of mistakes that, if you know of them in advance, will make your life much easier. These mistakes are the “low hanging fruit” of application design, development,and administration. Once you apply the lessons learned from this session, you’ll find yourself performing at a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness than before.

Title: Relational Division
Speaker: Peter Larsson
Abstract: This session will learn you everything you ever wanted to know about Relational Division. What it is?
Relational Division is the easiest way to pull out rows from a table which matches a subset of other rows.
Even if you don't know it, you are actually using Relation Division every day. I'll prove it.

Title: Event-Driven Stream Processing with Microsoft StreamInsight
Speaker: Roman Schindlauer
Abstract: Microsoft StreamInsight is a comprehensive development platform for building event-driven applications in .NET. While typical relational database applications are query-driven, event-driven applications are characterized by high event data rates, continuous standing queries, and millisecond latency requirements that make it impractical to store the data in a relational database for processing. Event driven application workloads are common in many different industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, financial services, health care, retail, web analytics and data center monitoring. In this session we will provide an overview of the platform, explore common scenarios, and talk about new features in StreamInsight V1.2, which has been released in July 2011. Moreover, we will provide a preview into project codename Austin, a Cloud service that lets you provision and run StreamInsight on Windows Azure.

Title: T-SQL: Bad Habits to Kick
Speaker: Aaron Bertrand
Abstract: Bad habits: we all have them. SELECT * is the obvious one; but in this session you will learn about various other habits and why they can be bad for performance or maintainability. Come learn how these habits develop, what kind of problems they can lead to, and how you can avoid them. Eliminating these habits will lead to more efficient code, a more productive work environment, and - in a lot of cases - both.

Title: Cursors are Evil
Speaker: Dave Ballantyne

"Cursors are evil, and shouldnt be used."
Thats frequent advice given on forums when asking about performance problems. Its correct advice, but how do you go about removing cursors and what do you replace them with ? Thats the tricky part!
By deconstructing a cursor based routine, Dave will demonstrate a number of TSQL techniques and how they can be applied to generate a new routine with significantly less overhead.

Title: Performance and Scalability improvements in SQL Server Denali engine
Speaker: Lubor Kollar
Abstract: The next release of SQL Server is coming and it is chocked full of enough cool improvements to make even the most skeptical DBA and SQL developer giggle with excitement.  This session will provide a survey of a few of the top engine improvements including support for new columnstore indexing technology, more online operations, support for 15k partitions, enhanced full-text search and support for more memory and processors in Windows 8. You should not miss this session - will learn many facts not available in the documentation.

Title: What is New for T-SQL in SQL Server Code Name "Denali" & SQL Azure
Speaker: Tobias Ternström
Abstract: Come and learn about what is new and cool in T-SQL in SQL Server code name "Denali" and SQL Azure. There are several interesting additions to T-SQL, this session will focus on what they are, why they were added to the product and how you can benefit from using them.

Title: Database Development with SQL Server Developer Tools Code-Named "Project Juneau"
Speaker: Björn Eriksen
Abstract: In the SQL Server code-named "Denali" release, the SQL Server Developer Tools, code-named "Juneau", provide a brand-new developer experience for database developers by bringing a familiar Microsoft Visual Studio development paradigms to bear; debug, refactor and maintain your database declaratively. This session introduces you to the new tools and how you can leverage them to build and maintain you SQL Server and SQL Azure database.



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