Presto: SQL-on-Anything & Anywhere

PASS Partner Webinar: Starburst

Thank you to our presenters, attendees and Starburst for a great event! If you missed this webinar or want to relive some of the highlights, the recording and presentation slides are now posted in the Learning Center.

Presto, an open source distributed SQL engine, is widely recognized for its low-latency queries, high concurrency, and native ability to query multiple data sources. It has been proven at scale in a variety of use cases at Airbnb, Comcast, GrubHub, Facebook, FINRA, LinkedIn, Lyft, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber. In the last few years Presto experienced an unprecedented growth in popularity in both on-premises and cloud deployments over Object Stores, HDFS, NoSQL and RDBMS data stores.

Delta Lake, a storage layer originally invented by Databricks and recently open sourced, brings ACID capabilities to big datasets held in Object Storage. While initially designed for Spark, Delta Lake now supports multiple query compute engines. In particular, Starburst, developed a native integration for Presto that leverages Delta-specific performance optimizations. 

In this session you will learn how Starburst Presto is deployed on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and how it serves as fast SQL query engine over data in ADLS. Furthermore, Presto enables query-time correlations between IoT data in Delta Lake, customer data in SQL Server, and web log data in Elasticsearch.

Join Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski, CTO / co-founder and Tom Nats, Director of Customer Solutions at Starburst on June 25 at 14:00 UTC, for an hour of data training to learn more about Presto on Azure: Query Anything, Anywhere!

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