Podman and the SQL Server on Red Hat Universal Base Image Container

PASS Partner Webinar: Red Hat

Thank you to our presenters, attendees and Red Hat for a great event! If you missed this webinar or want to relive some of the highlights, the recording and presentation slides are now posted in our Learning Center.

There have been over 30 million SQL Server container pulls since they first became available in 2017.  Most of these containers are run today using Docker. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ships with a suite of native, Open Container Initiative (OCI) [and Docker] compliant container tools. In this session, we’ll discuss the advantages of deploying the latest SQL Server 2019 container using these standards compliant, modular tools. You can see why the resulting container runtime environment is both more flexible and more secure for SQL Server deployments. 

After we finish looking at building and deploying an application in a containerized environment, we’ll test drive Microsoft’s SQL Server container built on the Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) using our new toolset.  This container allows you to take full advantage of the reliability, security features, and performance of SQL Server running in official Red Hat container images wherever OCI-compliant Linux containers run, regardless of whether you are a Red Hat customer or not. UBI is built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), it shares the RHEL roadmap and proven foundation. We will discuss the flexibility this gives you in where and how you deploy and utilize your SQL Server containers in your business environment.

Once you’ve watched this session, you’ll be able to:

1.    Identify opportunities for deploying SQL Server containers
2.    Evaluate different container runtime options and when to use them
3.    Create and customize SQL Server Red Hat Universal Base Image containers 
4.    Deploy and manage SQL Server containers
5.    Copy SQL Server images between container repos

Join Don Pinto, Technical Product Marketing Engineering at Red Hat, and Amit Khandelwal, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft on August 26, 2020 starting at 15:00 UTC to learn more about the advantages of deploying the latest SQL Server 2019 container using these standards compliant, modular tools with Red Hat.

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Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor for making this event possible.

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