PASS Marathon: The New World of Data Privacy 

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Thank you to our speakers, moderators, attendees and sponsors for a great event! If you missed a session or want to relive some of the highlights, the recordings are now posted in the Learning Center.

One year on from the introduction of the GDPR, the global data privacy landscape has seen big changes in countries as far apart as Brazil and China, and US states as diverse as New York and Hawaii. PASS Marathon: The New World of Data Privacy will take place on May 232019 starting at 14:00 UTC.

This PASS Marathon will update data professionals on what you need to do to be compliant with existing and upcoming legislation, wherever you are. You’ll learn what’s happened since the GDPR came into force and understand how PASS itself achieved compliance with US legislation as well as the GDPR. You’ll also get the answers on how to protect your data during the database development process, find out the 10 steps you can take to ensure compliance worldwide, and see a demo on how sensitive data can be automatically masked and refreshed for developers. Data privacy has now moved from an EU issue to one that affects every data professional everywhere. Find out why – and how you can stay ahead.

Thank you to our Sponsors for their continued support of our event. With their help, PASS is able to provide another exciting virtual conference.

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