First Steps with Docker After Installation

Flavio Copes explains step-by-step what you should do after you complete the Docker installation.

Your Modern Linux Platform for SQL Server

From record benchmarks on premises to co-engineering a Linux Kernel that optimizes Azure throughput and reduces latency, SUSE and Microsoft are partnering for you. The companies first shook hands for interoperability over 15 years ago, and now Microsoft's pre-configured offer of SQL Server 2019 on SUSE helps you simplify licensing and Pay-As-You-Go.

Successful & Short Kubernetes Stories for DevOps Architects

From Airbnb to eBay, Pavan Belagatti shares some of the most successful Kubernetes stories.

PASS Marathon: Technical Leadership

Join us on September 03 at 18:00 UTC to enhance your career with the soft-skills you need to get ahead, lead a team, and influence your organization. Our speakers will be exploring topics such as: Career Advancement, Communication, Networking, Diversity and Inclusion, Mental Health, and much more.

Building an AI-Based Chatbot in Python

Modern AI tools have made it very easy to build robust customized chatbots. Usman Shahid takes a closer look at AI based chatbots and demonstrates how to build one using a popular library in Python.

How Do I Learn Design Patterns? Which Design Patterns Should I Know?

Understanding design patterns is a tricky subject. Should you learn all the design patterns? When should you use a specific design pattern? Are design patterns important? What about the Gang of Four patterns? In this video, Tim Corey is going to answer your design patterns questions.

A Beginner’s Guide to Container Monitoring

The widespread use of containers in DevOps allows development teams to increase their efficiency in application development. However, to avoid creating blind spots and hidden performance issues in their software, developers need a way to monitor those containers. Eleanor Bennett provides a thorough introduction to the concept of "container monitoring," how it works, and why it's essential to managing containers.

PowerApps Charts - Plus Learn to Shape and Summarize the Data

In this video, Shane Young demonstrates how to use the Power Apps Chart controls. Column, line, and pie charts are all covered in complete, nerdy detail. You will also learn to use GroupBy and AddColumns to better shape your data.

What are the Types of Loops in C and C++?

In this tutorial, Chand Pasha explains the different types of loops in C and C++.

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